• Ultimate Wellness Bundle
Ultimate Wellness Bundle


Ultimate Wellness Bundle

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Recover faster, increase energy levels, and enjoy all the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle! Get your hands on this - once in a lifetime - Ultimate Wellness Bundle deal! Every product from our entire collection. 

Includes ONE of each:

  • Active H2 Ultra - Drop these tablets into a 12-15oz glass of water and watch as it infuses your water with a high therapeutic dosage of molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen has shown to help increase energy, reduce excess oxidative stress, and moderate risks associated with metabolic syndrome.

  • Active H2 Ultra + Raspberry - Molecular Hydrogen tablets with natural hint of raspberry flavor (no artificial sweeteners)  

  • Active pH Restore - Balance your pH levels with this amazing water additive. Easy-to-use powdered formula.

  • Active Ribose C - A high dose‚ neutral pH‚ buffered Vitamin C with a pleasant taste that can easily be mixed with water or juice.

  • Quinton Hypertonic - One ampule of Quinton Hypertonic marine plasma contains 78 trace elements and minerals. Supplement daily with Hypertonic to help remineralize. 
  • Quinton Isotonic - A balanced and essential way to incorporate micronutrients and hydration into your everyday life. Use Isotonic to help restore your biological-terrain.

  • Relief Rx - Packaged for your busy lifestyle in a convenient on­-the­-go tube, just one generous dab of Relief Rx is what your body needs to combat muscle and joint stress.

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