The BEST, most NATURAL way to boost the immune system and supercharge our health is VITAMIN C!

Active Rebose C

Our bodies can’t naturally product Vitamin C to combat free radicals, boost energy, and build up the immune system. They need help from the foods we eat, drinks we sip, and the environment we enter. HOWEVER, not all Vitamin C supplements are the same.

While it would be nice if we could just munch on oranges, grapefruits, and pineapples all day long, but let’s be real, that’s just NOT POSSIBLE in the real world… and even if we could, can you imagine the stomach ache that would cause? Thankfully, the experts at Water & Wellness designed a high dose, neutral pH, buffered Vitamin C that avoids the upset stomach of traditional Vitamin C supplements (and foods).


And it’s pleasant taste can easily be mixed with your favorite juice or (you guessed it) WATER! So, what makes Active Ribose C so powerful and safe? We’ve enhanced it with a unique GMS-Ribose formulation to increase the bioavailability… a.k.a the ability of our bodies to absorb Vitamin C is enhanced, allowing our bodies to use it for MORE things that keep us healthy.

Things like fighting off free radicals attacking our cells… supporting our energy to keep up with the kiddos now that they’re home all day, every day… and boosting our immune system in tip-top shape!

This unique GMS-Ribose Formulation utilizes four separate pathways to speed up the absorption process AND bypass any upset stomachs along the way. These pathways include the Glucose Pathway, Sodium Pathway, Pentose Phosphate Pathway, and BOT Pathway. If that sounds like a bunch of science jargon, don't worry! We’re breaking them all down here:

Glucose Pathway

the common pathway for Vitamin C uptake along with many other nutrients. While this is typically the fastest way to be absorbed, Vitamin C has more options available in case there’s a traffic jam here.

Sodium Pathway

Since elemental sodium does not break down in the gut, there is no stomach upset (as most Vitamin C products will create at this dosage). By attaching to this unique sodium molecule (not your average table salt), Vitamin C can travel through our bodies safely and securely.

Pentose Phosphate Pathway

This pathway is where our unique GMS-Ribose formulation comes into play. Using the Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Vitamin C has an additional road into our cells… think of this pathway like the toll road (only we paid the fee for you)!

Bioavailable Organic Sulphur (BOT)

Despite the fancy-sounding name, this pathway works simply. By creating more permeable cells, the BOT pathway allows water and nutrients to flow freely into cells… while letting wastes and toxins flow out properly (making more room for those nutrients).


Now let’s make sure it’s the fastest, safest, and best-tasting Vitamin C supplement out there: Active Ribose C


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