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Mega Mineral Restoration Bundle (6 x 6 x 6)

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    • Original Quinton

    This limited edition holiday super-pack includes:
    6 Quinton Isotonic

    6 Quinton Hypertonic 

    6 3.3 QuintEssential 

    To better understand: 

    Quinton Hypertonic 

    Raw, unadulterated sea water, “The Nutrient”

    • Higher in mineral concentration than human plasma
    • Shares same precise minerals ratios as Isotonic
    • As daily health maintenance
    • During vigorous activity and sweating
    • Immediately revitalizes and energizes
    • During period of mental, physical or emotional depletion
    • 4x the Magnesium concentration as what is in the blood
    • Add to purified water to add minerals back in

    * 1 daily, can add 1 before, during or after activities of depletion

    Quinton Isotonic  

    Spring water added, “The Tonic”

    • Marine plasma almost IDENTICAL to human plasma
    • Health restoration
    • Works fastest to restore homeostasis
    • Energetic transference quickly shifts the bioterrain
    • When feeling under the weather
    • Can be used in nebulizer
    • Promotes nervous system balance and healthy stress response
    • Supports healthy sleep cycles and calms before bed

    * 1 in AM 30 minutes before meals, can add 2 more throughout day as needed, always in divided doses (by at least 1 hr)

    Quinton not only nourishes our cells, but also our GENES!  It has been found to support proper gene expression.    

    Early studies involved replacing the ENTIRE blood supply of dogs with Quinton marine plasma (isotonic) and they survived.  Within the past few years, this was replicated on a pig in a famous hospital in Madrid, Spain.  Our bodily fluids are nearly identical to marine plasma!

    Quinton has been found to contain dissolved OXYGEN, so that even when the animal’s red blood supply had been removed, the animal could function on Quinton until red blood cells were released from the spleen and red blood cells regenerated.

    Quinton is harvested from vortex blooms more heavily populated with fish.  Yes, the fish have migrated to these special sites to obtain the 78 minerals found within!  The zooplankton eat the phytoplankton, and transform inorganic minerals to bioavailable minerals that feed the REST of the food chain.  These magical blooms have also been found to be less polluted. 

    Quinton lab certifies that the sea water is free of plastics, chemicals, radioactivity, and other contaminants from pollution!  This is a priority in our toxic world! 

    Since seawater is corrosive and MANY materials react with the properties of the 78 minerals, Quinton uses ONLY glass and ceramic in the harvesting and production process.  

    The SHAPE of the double tipped ampoule is intentional!  It maintains the life force of the sea water and goes back to the ancient Greek and Roman “amphoras used for storage and preservation of liquids like water, oil, and wine.  

    Glass is the very BEST way to preserve the properties and ENERGETIC field of this living liquid.  Researchers have found that extracting ONE mineral from sea water does not provide the same benefit as the mineral within the synergism of the sea water’s energetic field.  

    If heated, sea water will create FREE RADICALS and cause dehydration!  Heat destroys the organic matter in seawater and the properties of the minerals.  Quinton Labs takes great care to ensure the sea water never warms.  (Be careful- copycat companies use heat in their sterilization process, yet try to hide it.)   

    Which Quinton should you be taking? The TWO different choices of Quinton tend to confuse people, so let’s clarify that.  When starting, ALWAYS begin with isotonic for a month to restore the bioterrain. Most people keep both on hand- hypertonic for daily needs, and Isotonic for specialized situations that may arise. To better understand: 

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