• New Year Reset Bundle
  • New Year Reset Bundle
  • New Year Reset Bundle
  • New Year Reset Bundle
  • New Year Reset Bundle
  • New Year Reset Bundle
New Year Reset Bundle


New Year Reset Bundle

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Our NEW YEAR, NEW YOU program has been designed to hold your hand and give you the products to create noticeable and measurable changes. 

This program includes:

  1. Push Catch (Most effective 2 step Detoxification program):
  • Liver sauce (“push”) -phytonutrients and potent bitters that upregulate detoxification, move bile, support the liver and help “push” toxins through the body to the GI tract. 
  • Ultra binder (“catch”) - catch the toxins that have been mobilized to minimize toxic recirculation of metals, pesticides, hormone mimics, drug residues, mold toxins, and more. 
  • Active H2 + Chromax:
    • Systemic metabolic support of molecularly infused HYDROGEN water with CHROMIUM to optimize blood sugar, body composition, energy levels, focus, lipid profiles, and exercise performance. 
  • Methyl B Complex
    • Metabolically active B vitamins in liposomal delivery to instantly support detoxification, metabolic pathways, and methylation. Supports proper epigenetic expression.  
  • Active Ribose C:
    • Ultra high dose vitamin C, necessary for support during detoxification protocols and to support the immune system without gastrointestinal distress. Utilizes 4 uptake pathways for absorption and provides 4,000 mg of vitamin C per serving.
  • 1 Coaching webinar with Robert Slovak: "Everything You Need to Know About Water" with Q/A
    • World-wide water expert Robert Slovak discusses all things water and how new discoveries impact mitochondrial health and impact the aging process. 
  • 1 Coaching Webinar with Dr. Angela-  “The Science Behind the Products” 
    • Dr. Angela has taught other doctors in the field of functional medicine and has 7 years experience with a leading anti-aging company.
  • Functional Lab Analysis: 1 functional laboratory analysis when you email a copy of your most recent blood work (can be used now or anytime during 2021) 
  • Ebook 7 Water Solutions:
    • Learn the water secrets that the health industry fails to address, and learn how water can impact mitochondrial health.

Our complete health reset program is being offered at a savings of $168 during our New Year, New You special.  

Join us for $329.

You will not only get the most valuable products to make meaningful change but also gain the expertise of some of the most knowledgeable experts in the health space.   

For our advanced health crowd

For $429, you can get all of the above PLUS the advanced anti-aging add-on products that compliment your NEW YOU journey in 2021.  The retail value of these 3 SUPER SUPPLEMENTS is $153.  

  • NAD Gold ($60 value): Promote a youthful metabolism, energy, and brain function by supporting NAD+, the body’s anti-aging molecule. 
  • Keto Before 6 ($52.50 value): Tap into the benefits of intermittent fasting and carb restriction with or without fasting protocols. Keto before 6 helps activate the AMPK pathway, which is critical for energy metabolism, fat breakdown, and healthy aging.
  • Liposomal Glutathione ($40.50): Our master detoxifier and our body's most IMPORTANT intracellular antioxidant, glutathione is a foundational supplement to support healthy aging, immunity, detox, and neurological health.

We look forward to creating a community of change during 2021.  Now more than ever, we need to prepare our bodies to be the healthiest they can be.  Come join us on the journey!

***If you would like to do a FULL functional blood workup, contact us for pricing, as we can set that up for you and provide pricing details.