Original Quinton Hypertonic® 30 ampules of Marine Plasma

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Please note: due to high demand we are currently sold out of Original Quinton Hypertonic with an anticipated restock date in late November. We suggest you try our QuintEssential Hypertonic sachets instead for a convenient on-the-go container.

Quinton Hypertonic® is the ultimate liquid mineral supplement that supports electrolyte balance, boosts energy, enhances the nervous system and brain function and much more!

Quinton Hypertonic® is pure seawater harvested from protected plankton blooms following the protocols of Frenchman Rene Quinton (1866–1925). Quinton Hypertonic™ supports electrolyte balance, normal energy metabolism, and improved alertness.* Quinton Hypertonic® supports normal functioning of the nervous system, protein synthesis, bone formation, and normal muscle function.* The minerals provided by Quinton Hypertonic® play an important role in cell division.*Quinton Hypertonic® is excellent for long-term use and is easily absorbed into the body when taken orally.*

Quinton Hypertonic® is excellent for use when an immediate revitalizing effect is desired for the body or to support exertion with major physical or psychological effort.

Benefits of Quinton Hypertonic®:
• Supports electrolyte balance, normal energy metabolism
• Helps reduce tiredness
• Enhances the normal nervous system and brain function
• Supports protein synthesis and normal muscle function
• Helps keep our bones and teeth healthy
• Supports the process of cell division.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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