QuintEssential™ Hypertonic Elixir
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QuintEssential™ Hypertonic Elixir

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Achieve optimal performance with Quintessential™ Hypertonic Elixir, the perfect re-mineralization supplement, offering seawater full of electrolytes and trace elements. QuintEssential™ Hypertonic Elixir is Quinton Hypertonic in convenient travel-friendly packaging, making it the perfect on-the-go hydration supplement for you!

Why you should re-mineralize your body with electrolytes:

Electrolytes are important for hydration. Too few electrolytes can cause the body to react unfavorably. Optimal health and performance require a consistent and adequate supply of these important minerals and nutrients. Electrolytes are needed to sustain total body water, as too few electrolytes may degrade health and aerobic performance. Staying hydrated in general and especially during exercise is vital for optimal health, performance and recovery. QuintEssential™ Hypertonic Elixir, in our convenient travel friendly packaging, helps keep you hydrated when you are on the go. Use it daily to support your body, including before, during and after any strenuous activity.