• Water Test Kits - PREORDER
Water Test Kits - PREORDER


Water Test Kits - PREORDER

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Safe Home DIY STARTER-20 Water Quality Test Kit screens your drinking water for TWENTY different contaminants including:

  • BACTERIA: Total coliform and E. Coli
  • METALS: Hexavalent Chrome, Copper, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Silver, Zinc
  • IN-ORGANICS: Chloride, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate, Sulfate
  • PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Alkalinity, Dissolved Solids, Hardness, pH
  • ORGANICS: Pesticides
  • With over 3 million tests sold, join the water quality movement and protect your loved ones from harmful drinking water contaminants!