Wellness Essentials Box
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Wellness Essentials Box

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Over the years, humans have had less than ideal diets. We often prefer convenience over nutrition, and our malnourishment speaks volumes in the mountain of adverse health we collectively can face: compromised immunities, pH imbalance, poor bone health, and poor cognitive function to name a few. 

Not intaking the proper amount of minerals and nutrients can have drastic effects on our bodies. Mineral deficiencies are rampant in Americans, most of the population is lacking nutritional sufficiency. [1]

There are an abundance of supplements to reach for, but often times, we are faced with a cabinet full of products that are not in harmony with another, and can leave us with empty wallets and depleted health. 

The key is consistency; and Water and Wellness has created the perfect pairing to effectively diminish lacking mineral and nutritional intake. 


A deluxe monthly subscription package, including two essential products:

  • Original Quinton Hypertonic, 30 Ampoules
    Seawater has sustained and provided life for millennia, operating a delicate eco-balance within its bioshpere. The technology behind Original Quinton Hypertonic stems back to the 19th century from the protocols and discoveries of Rene Quinton. By harvesting pure marine plasma in a refined manner keeps all of the potent nutrients locked inside. 

    Original Quinton Hypertonic is a non-diluted and pure daily supplement that restores cellular nutrition and supplies nature's complete spectrum of nutritional elements: minerals, vitamins and micronutrients.
    When ingested, it immediately restores hydrochloric acid balance to the stomach, hydrates our digestive tract, and contributes to our daily requirement of over 70 trace minerals and nutrients that are vital for us to survive and thrive. 

  • Active H2 Molecular Hydrogen 
    Did you know that the top mineral that is deficient in American diets is magnesium?[1] Magnesium helps to balance our metabolism and even healthy sleep patterns.
    Active H2 utilizes a proprietary blend of magnesium to react with water to create molecular hydrogen, or H2. While the high grade magnesium in Active H2 tablet's are for the reaction, it also supplies 60mg of essential magnesium, adding to the list of benefits that Active H2 has!

    It's shown to aid in endurance, increase energy and focus as well as rapid recovery from exercise, a known source of oxidative stress. While exercise is beneficial, the adverse effects are not, and H2, a hydrogen rich solution combats free radicals by diffusing into our cells. 

  • Learn more about the largest clinical study on h2 metabolic health to date >>

Why are these the perfect pairing? 

By offering them in a super convenient, recurring monthly subscription bundle, we know that our tried and true Original Quinton and Active H2 work methodically together, supplementing mineral and nutrient intake in two very similar ways - through water! 

Hypertonic elevates our bodies into optimal function, restoring mineralization, which allows for our bodies to absorb and utilize other nutrients to their full potential. Pairing it with Active H2 just compounds nutritional intake. The benefits of molecular hydrogen paired with a substantial supplementation of high quality magnesium, makes these two a protocol that work together to restore balance and nutrition to our bodies, at the cellular level. 

Water is the essence of life, and this kit is the essence of wellness.

This kit contains a one-month supply of Original Quinton Hypertonic and Active H2, perfect to use in tandem, since they both are a natural source of mineralization. 

The Wellness Essentials Bundle is yours today for a special price, and super fast shipping. 


[1] https://www.smartypantsvitamins.com/blogs/articles/missing-minerals