Wellness Essentials Kit
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Wellness Essentials Kit

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Over the years, humans have had less than ideal diets. We often prefer convenience over nutrition, and our malnourishment is reflected in the mountain of chronic health ailments today: compromised immunity, cardiovascular disease, poor bone health, stress intolerance, and poor cognitive function to name a few. Lacking the proper minerals and nutrients have drastic effects on our bodies.

There are an abundance of supplements to reach for, but oftentimes we are left with a cabinet full of products, empty wallets, and frustrated by limited results and pill fatigue. Water and Wellness has created the perfect pairing to effectively diminish lacking mineral and nutritional intake while promoting PEAK performance.

A Foundational Package, including TWO Best-Selling Products:
QuintEssential Elixir 20 ml Sachets

Seawater has sustained and provided life for millennia. The technology behind Elixir stems back to the 19th century from the protocols and discoveries of famous physiologist Rene Quinton. By harvesting pure marine plasma in a proprietary manner from a special living plankton bloom, nutrients and bioenergetics are locked inside of this potent life-giving formula.

Elixir is a non-diluted, pure marine plasma supplement that restores cellular nutrition and supplies nature's complete spectrum of minerals and micronutrients.
When ingested, it bathes the cells in everything needed to function optimally. Elixir supports whole-body health while hydrating and providing over 78 trace minerals lacking from our food supply, which are vital for us to THRIVE.

Active H2 Molecular Hydrogen

HYDROGEN was the very FIRST and smallest element in the universe: molecular hydrogen has the ability to diffuse into tissues where other compounds cannot, in order to work its magic as a selective antioxidant. Active H2 utilizes a proprietary formula of magnesium, which reacts with water to create molecular hydrogen or H2 gas.

While the high-grade magnesium in Active H2 tablets are necessary for the reaction, it has the added benefit of supplying 60mg of essential magnesium, which is a critical nutrient commonly deficient in many today.

Active H2 is shown to aid in endurance, enhance energy and focus, as well as rapid recovery from exercise. While exercise is beneficial, the adverse metabolic byproducts are not, and Active H2 provides a hydrogen-rich solution to combat free radicals while allowing important signaling radicals to remain unaffected.

Active H2 and Elixir: the powerful duo

Elixir and Active H2 provide the perfect synergism. Elixir elevates our bodies into optimal function, restoring mineralization, allowing our bodies to absorb and utilize these nutrients to their full potential. Active H2 packs the power of hydrogen, elevating metabolic efficiency, allowing us to best utilize the nutrients from Elixir, while minimizing oxidation and negative effects of metabolism. The benefits of Active H2 tablets with its bioavailable magnesium, and the 78 sea minerals of the potent elixir makes these two a protocol that work together to restore balance to our bodies at the cellular level.

Water is the essence of life, and this kit is the essence of wellness.
The Wellness Essentials Bundle is yours today for a special price.