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Relaxation and Recovery 


When you workout hard, you get results. You also experience soreness, which can slow down workouts and impact performance. Our magnesium TRUE PERFORMANCE Relief react instantly with water to create hydrogen gas, rapidly absorbing into the skin. H2 Relief are easy to use molecular hydrogen bath tablets, just drop them in water and let them dissolve to create water rich in nanobubbles of hydrogen.

Have an acute injury or in the mood for a soothing, therapeutic bath? H2 Relief is the ONE you want! 3x the dose of Active H2 Ultra, and designed for a foot bath or muscle relaxing tub soak.


How is Topical Hydrogen Water Different?


 H2 Relief Topical Hydrogen Water Tablets produce more hydrogen and retain higher amounts of hydrogen in the water. No other type of product is as convenient to use. No other product has been so rigorously tested or studied. 

45 bath tablets per container.

Elemental Magnesium, Malic Acid, Dextrose, Tartaric Acid, Adipic Acid, Sodium Stearyl Fumarate.





  • For acute issues, intense aches, pains, and sprains, add 1 tablet to every 1-3 liters of water and submerge the affected area for 15 minutes.
  • For a muscle-relaxing hydrogen bath, drop 5-7 TRUE PERFORMANCE Relief tablets in a full-sized tub and soak.

Customer Reviews

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Caitlin Post
Never Disapointed by Water & Wellness Products

I have been taking the hydrogen tablets for a few months now and noticed significantly less inflamation in my body as I'm training for a marathon. As mileage is ramping up, I decided to try Relief for soreness and have loved the results. I basically feel back to normal the next day after my long runs. I have yet to try for an injury, but am happy to have on hand if that happens.

John Bougearel
Great Relief but don't overdo it

My own inflammation and swelling in feet and ankles was quite pronounced, and the relief felt great. However, I overdid it by using too many hydrogen tabs at one time, and soaking too frequently, like 1-2x a day. That stresses out the skin when you over do it, but still a great product for transdermal hydrogen!

Rebecca Denham
Great Product

I am using Relief to soak my foot, hoping it will help heal my plantar fasciitis. I think it helps temporarily relieve the pain a little bit. After a week of daily use, I regret to say that I can’t tell much difference yet.

veronica clementi


Robert Faltisco
Healing my joints

I took one bath with these pills in it and it immeditely made my workouts free of knee pain. Totally real stuff