Explore expert-selected health and wellness products to restore your bio-terrain. Our range includes Active H2, Original Quinton, Quicksilver Scientific and more. Each product is carefully researched by our team, offering innovative solutions for health and vitality, enhancing your overall wellness journey.

Quinton Isotonic & QuintEssential 0.9

0.9% concentration; Sea plasma harvested from vortex plankton blooms, that quickly restore the body's biological terrain. With 78 minerals that are necessary for proper genetic expression, Quinton Isotonic is nearly identical to the concentration of minerals and trace elements found in human blood plasma. Both Quinton Isotonic and QuintEssential 0.9 contain the exact same solution, just different packaging.

Benefits include:

  • Immune system support
  • Supports the body's detoxification process
  • Balances the autonomic nervous system
  • Supports healthy circadian rhythms
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Quinton Hypertonic & QuintEssential 3.3

3.3% concentration; Sea plasma that contains a higher concentration of 78 minerals than Isotonic, but in the same life-sustaining ratios. Ideal for use before, during, and after intense exercise, as well as to REMINERALIZE your purified reverse osmosis water supply. Both Quinton Hypertonic and QuintEssential 3.3 contain the exact same solution, just different packaging.

Benefits include:

  • Supports healthy bones, teeth
  • Promotes normal cell division
  • Supports proper muscle function
  • Enhances energy
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Active H2 Ultra

Easy to use tablets that create high potency hydrogen-rich water. Molecular hydrogen has been observed in over 1,000 studies to function as a master Selective antioxidant.

With its small size and ability to diffuse into the hardest to reach places, H2 has the ability to support mitochondrial and cardiometabolic health, while managing inflammation and neutralizing the most cytotoxic free radicals.

Benefits include:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Immune support
  • Metabolic health
  • Athletic performance and recovery
  • Slows aging degradation
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Active H2 Chromax

All of the power and benefits of Active H2’s open cup hydrogen water technology plus the additional weight management benefits of Chromium!

Supports glucose management, insulin sensitivity, helps maintain lean body composition, boosts energy levels, supports a healthy lipid profile,and enhances brain function.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces carbohydrate cravings
  • Can positively impact body composition
  • Can improve mood and energy levels
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Incorporates system-wide benefits of molecular
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Active Ribose C

Superior HIGH potency Vitamin C providing 4,000 mg of highly bioavailable, non-acidic vitamin C that is easy on the digestive system. Provides FOUR pathways for absorption. Pleasant tasting powder can be mixed into any beverage.

Benefits include:

  • Bolstering the body’s structural integrity
  • Immune system support
  • Energizing
  • Collagen synthesis
  • Bolstering the body’s structural integrity
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Active pH Restore

Supports the body in order to maintain a healthy blood pH of 7.35-7.45, so that the body does not rob minerals from the bones in order to maintain its tightly regulated blood ph level. By counteracting acidity, pH Restore also helps to manage inflammation and overgrowth of unfriendly microbes.

Benefits include:

  • Combats acidic meals and manages the uncomfortable reflux that can come with overeating.
  • Best BUFFERING formula
  • Supports tooth enamel
  • Supports bone density
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AGEless Defense

AGELess Defense is the first comprehensive formula to address ALL aspects of aging which dramatically alter our outward appearance. AGELess Defense was carefully formulated over 16 months to provide the appropriate dosing of a proprietary blend of all natural compounds found to not only inhibit the formation of advanced glycation end products, but also manage the cross-linked damage that has already formed.

Benefits include:

  • Bilberry supports the existing collagen in your body.
  • Clove Powder manages dietary AGEs buildup.
  • Curcumin is the proven anti-inflammatory compound in turmeric mitigating the damaging effects of stress
  • Cinnamon helps keep your skin looking smoother by increasing circulation and boosting collagen production
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A Molecular Hydrogen Bath Tablet that creates a soothing, relaxing way to reduce swelling, increase blood flow, and promote healing while bolstering performance on a cellular level.

Ideal for those who engage in regular physical training and excellent for supporting sports medicine and physical therapy recovery protocols.

Benefits include:

  • Support a healthy inflammatory response
  • Improve metabolic function
  • Improves exercise capacity & recovery
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