The most versatile substance known to man, water is known as the foundation of all life. From fueling the growth of Mother Nature's plants to delivering key nutrients and removing toxins throughout the body, this clear, tasteless liquid supports daily life as we know it.

What if that water does have a taste (or worse, a color)?

After decades of innovation and advancements in every industry, we have unintentionally disrupted our earth's natural purifying systems. We've over-harvested the ground's natural mineral-rich soil, leaving it depleted & dry.

We've added herbicides, pesticides, & many other chemical cides into our rivers, pipes, and drains, leaving our water supply hardened and full of strange tastes and sediment. What we once believed to be great advancements for our society have contaminated our water supply & (excuse us from sounding harsh) poisoned our homes.
That last sentence isn't meant to scare you -- it's meant to educate you on what you continually put into your body. Our bodies are about 70% water. This helps to carry the right nutrients to the right places, flush out toxins and unused substances, and ensure our bodies are functioning properly. But when we consume water filled with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, shampoos, bacteria, and other unwanted toxins, our bodies struggle to process it all and it ends up doing more harm than good.

Families all across the globe (yes, even developed nations like America and Asia) struggle to receive clean, purified water to help support their bodies' innate functions. Most of these families rely on community wells with water pumped from the desolate, demineralized ground and carrying any pathogens, bacteria, and chemicals it comes into contact with.

Other families, those lucky enough to receive purified bottled water, don't realize what they have -- or the impact they're making on the environment. More plastic contaminants enter our water supply, causing more toxicity and more unsafe conditions.
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Clean water is the most basic human need. We do right for ourselves and the environment by bringing water purification into our homes & our hands, bypassing waste-creating water bottles or tainted municipal water supplies.


Anyone can enjoy clean & refreshing purified water

This is NOT a traditional bulky, hard-to-install system that barely fits under the sink. This is the ultimate home water filtration system that fits directly onto your countertop. Place it in your home, apartment, dorm room, or yurt!

  • Simply Plug in Your AquaTru Filter & Begin Filling the Start Tank.
  • The AquaTru will begin to work it's magic and clean your tap water
  • Watch as the Portable Carafe Fills with Clean & Safe Drinking Water
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Poweful Reverse Osmosis Technology

Miniaturized the same reverse osmosis technology developed by our co-founder Robert Slovak and used by major bottled water brands, bringing it into a compact countertop water purifier.

Aqua-Tru Purifier

Each stage of the filtration system removes toxins, such as dirt, rust, sand, chlorine, chloramine, glyphosate, aluminum, nitrates, copper, and more! And through each use of our AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, we become one step closer to eliminating the need for plastic bottles while still receiving bottled-quality water.

This is your chance to make a change and not only impact your personal wellness, but the wellness of all those living in this world as well. Purchase your AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Water Filter today.

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