Chemicals that cause chronic health issues, and potentially decrease life expectancy, are often not closely regulated. A current example is our water supply is being bombarded with PFAS, called ”forever chemicals", because their chemistry keeps them from breaking down under typical environmental conditions. In the past (and present!) there were issues with contaminants such as lead, mercury, perchlorates and others. There seems to be no limit to the challenges of contaminants in drinking water. New ones seem to spring up endlessly!

PFAS in the U.S. population

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website says that the agency has found PFAS in the blood of nearly everyone it has tested for them, "indicating widespread exposure to these PFAS in the U.S. population.”


The EPA states that the most effective means to remove PFAS from drinking water, as well as many other harmful chemicals, are granular activated carbon filters and reverse osmosis.

This is why Water & Wellness has made it our mission to provide an easily accessible option for every household to use this effective water purification technology.

Your Solution For Clean &
Safe Drinking Water

AquaTru produces truly SAFE water that tastes great.

Most popular pitcher filters require their filters to be changed every two months, some even more often!

AquaTru’s dual function pre-filter lasts about six months. The Reverse Osmosis element lasts about two years.

And the final carbon VOC filter lasts about a year. Simply plug in your AquaTru, fill the tap water tank and you have better-than-bottled water always available at the push of a button!

The AquaTru effectively removes contaminants via Reverse Osmosis technology. In doing so, it is one of the most effective purification methods ever created.

Remember, though, most people are very deficient in the minerals they need for optimum health. This is why you need to:
  • Energetically mineralize your purified water
  • Deliver powerful antioxidants in highly bioavailable forms
  • Prevent the accumulation of degenerative AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products)
  • Balance the body’s inflammatory response
  • Promote recovery and multi-system function and collaboration.

The purity and composition of the water we ingest has a huge impact on our health!

How Aquatru Works


Advanced Sediment Pre-Filter

Reduces sediment, rust and and many other contaminants


Activated Carbon Pre-Filter

Reduces 99% of Chemical Disinfectants such as Chlorine and Chloramines.


High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reduces toxic inorganic contaminants such as lead, chromium 6, arsenic and radium.


Activated Carbon VOC Filter

Reduces low molecular weight chemical contaminants like petrochemicals, PFAS, pesticides, and pharmaceutical residuals.

Robert Slovak

Listen to Chief Science and Technology Officer, discussing the AquaTru & Water Filtration

When I first evaluated the "now-famous" AquaTru RO Drinking Water Appliance four years ago, I immediately recognized it's remarkable collection of game-changing features and impressive performance:
• No installation, no faucet connection + 10 minute setup.
• High production rate assured by built-in pump.
• 4-stage RO and carbon block technology assure reduction of every contaminant category.
• Indicates when to replace RO membrane and filter cartridges
• Most efficient Point-of-Use RO system I know of.
• Eliminates sealed RO storage tanks which become contaminated with bacteria.
• Entire system can easily be cleaned and sanitized.
• Can be used anywhere: home, apartment, office, clinic and RV. ...and more

Simply put, it's brilliant.

When our water is at risk, So is our health

Now that you've purified your drinking water, it's essential to add wellness into your water. Energetic mineralization is step 1 and crucial for optimum health.

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