Active pH Restore Alkalizing Powder

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Are you looking to neutralize your body's pH?

Alkaline water is tremendously popular right now, but it's not the most effective or cost-effective way to neutralize metabolic acids. Alkalizing mineral supplements, like Active pH Restore, are easy-to-use powdered supplements that are more effective than expensive bottled alkaline water. 

A perfect neutralizing supplement for meat lovers and acid reflux sufferers.

People who consume a lot of meat or other high protein diets, or those suffer from acid reflux, often benefit from neutralizing metabolic acids in their digestive tract. Active pH Restore may be used to counteract overly acidic conditions in the digestive tract, blood, and kidneys; increase salivary and urinary pH to healthy levels; and to supplement the body with minerals including potassium, magnesium, and sodium.

• Neutralizes metabolic acids more effectively than alkaline water

• Easy-to-use powdered formula.

• Three simple, effective ingredients: potassium, magnesium, and sodium.

• This product is free of GMOs, soy, gluten, dairy, preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors.

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