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Active pH Restore Alkalizing Powder

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A unique and patent pending combination of all-natural minerals are the only active ingredients of Active H2! This distinguishes it from existing synthetic chemical formulas as well as the "unnatural" use of electrolysis to generate Active and Molecular Hydrogen.

Take ½ tsp in 4–8 ounces of purified water preferably away from food, or as directed by a health care professional. For extremely acidic conditions, try 4–10 doses per day, depending on acidity level. Use pH paper to ensure pH levels remain balanced, and do not become too alkaline (alkalosis may occur above pH 8.2). 

▪️ Restores your body’s salivary and urinary pH to healthy levels again
▪️ Lowers your risk for growth of cancer-causing cells. 
▪️ Easy-to-use powdered formula
▪️ Turns your body into an alkaline environment that is inhospitable to cancer cells
▪️ Reduces extreme acid reflux due to high protein diets. 

Active pH Restore is a water-soluble powder supplement that balances pH levels, as well as supports and maintains alkaline conditions. Because Active pH Restore alkalinizes the body, it can help counteract overly acidic conditions (acidosis), including those in the digestive tract, blood, kidneys, and other organ systems. Active pH Restore provides a simple, powerful means for achieving healthy acid-base balance in the body.

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Brenda Marshall
same replacement

I normally order Ph Adjust, but they were out of stock. I gave my doctor the percentage of ingredients and asked if she could find a replacement. She found your product. I was thankful to get a product with the same ingredients.



Penny Vick

Active pH Restore Alkalizing Powder