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    Active H2 + Chromax® provides 1000 mcg of highly bioavailable patented-protected form of chromium picolinate along with a proprietary blend of magnesium, malic acid, dextrose, tartaric acid, adipic acid, and sodium stearyl fumarate which naturally releases hydrogen bubbles when added to water.

    Dissolve 1 tablet in 10 – 12 ounces of a non-carbonated beverage (reverse osmosis filtered water suggested) and drink immediately. Do not take more than one tablet daily.

    Metabolic/Cardiovascular Health:

    • Hydrogen promotes healthy metabolic function and supports a healthy body composition*
    • Chromax® helps enhances lean tissue (muscle) mass and increases fat loss*
    • Chromax® and hydrogen have been independently shown to support glucose metabolism and help maintain already healthy blood sugar levels*
    • Hydrogen helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range and supports liver health by reducing excessive liver fat*
    • Chromax® supports a healthy weight by helping reduce appetite, eating, and carbohydrate cravings in response to emotional disturbances*


    Athletic performance:

    • Hydrogen has numerous performance-enhancing effects:
    • It enhances mitochondrial energy production and helps reduce fatigue*
    • Improves muscle and joint recovery after intense physical activity and acute soft tissue injury, when combined with traditional modalities like rest, ice, and elevation*
    • Supports improved athletic performance by attenuating exercise-induced increases in lactic acid and increasing VO2 max* 
    • Boosts performance in activities demanding sustained exertion, improving peak power output and time to exhaustion*



    • Chromax® and Active H2 both support improved brain health and function:
    • Active H2 ULTRA enhances alertness and improves test-taking speed and response accuracy after sleep deprivation* 
    • Enhances mood, cognitive performance, and resilience in stressful settings*
    • Chromax® helps improve memory and recall, also supporting a healthy mood*

    Finding it difficult to achieve the hard body you have been dreaming of with your diet and exercise routine? Try adding Active H2 + Chromax® to your water! Hydrogen helps enhance athletic performance, improving power and reducing fatigue, while Chromax® helps you lose the fat, increase muscle, and control your appetite as well! These are but a few of the metabolic health and performance enhancing benefits that this powerful duo has been clinically proven to deliver.

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