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Creatine is the most researched sports supplement on the planet, repeatedly shown to safely and effectively improve strength, power, body composition, and cognitive health in a range of populations. Creatine, however, is not just for athletes or bodybuilders – research has shown that creatine has important anti-aging effects in vital tissues throughout the body. Biohackers and anti-aging doctors agree that creatine is a necessary supplement when it comes to its longevity benefits, such as enhancing mitochondrial function which helps reduce the effects of aging. Our bodies run on energy and as we get older our energy storing and moving systems begin to fail – creatine helps the body transfer energy to tissues that demand energy such as the brain, heart and muscle.

Recently, scientists have discovered a new, and better, way to improve levels of creatine in our muscles and brain to give us that well documented edge. Enter GAA, a precursor to creatine that converts to creatine in our cells  – and specifically, the patent-pending combination of GAA & Creatine Monohydrate which leads to significantly higher levels of creatine in the muscles and brain when compared to creatine monohydrate alone. Clinical research has shown that the combination of creatine & GAA significantly increases muscle creatine, and increases creatine levels in white and gray matter of our brains by as much as double! No creatine source has shown to have sufficient bioavailability to the brain, making this finding monumental. 


PRIME utilizes a patent-pending combination of GuanidinoAcetic Acid (GAA) and Creatine Monohydrate 

  • GAA has 4x the pathways to enter our cells vs creatine’s single pathway
  • GAA is capable of acting as a creatine mimetic, giving us that last extra push once our creatine stores are exhausted.
  • GAA converts to creatine inside our muscles, brain and organs, and is able to pass the blood-brain barrier, leading to far higher brain creatine levels than standard creatine supplements



TESNOR™ (400mg) - A new natural testosterone booster clinically validated to improve total testosterone levels in young & old males alike.Tesnor™ is a proprietary blend of two herbal extracts: a herbal combination of Cocoa bean (Theobroma cacao) and pomegranate peel (Punica granatum). Daily doses of Tesnor®  have been clinically shown to improve testosterone as well as improve aging male symptoms, psychological wellbeing, sexual behavior, and muscle strength in males.

HMB (3g) - The gold standard dose of HydroxymethylButyrate (HMB), perhaps the only supplemental ingredient more powerful than creatine for men over 30. HMB prevents exactly what aging causes, by increasing anabolism (muscle growth) and inhibiting catabolism (muscle break down), leading to better body composition and improved performance benefits
Betaine Anhydrous (2.5g) - An amino acid that reduces elevated levels of homocysteine which is a marker for cardiovascular risk, supporting  heart health. It has also shown to improve strength and performance in several human clinical trials, and promotes significant improvements in body composition - more lean body mass, and less fat!

Beta Alanine (2.4g) - A non-essential amino acid synthesized in our liver. It’s a precursor to carnosine, a compound linked to enhanced muscular performance. Like with GAA & Creatine where the precursor, GAA, is more potent, Beta Alanine is far more effective for performance gains as compared to carnosine itself. Supplementing with beta-alanine in conjunction with exercise has been shown to reduce fatigue, boost strength, and stimulate muscle gain. Beta alanine has also shown to improve brain function & energy in older adults during, and after intense exercise.

Zinc Citrate (10mg) - Research has shown how zinc supports by increasing the levels of three key anabolic hormones in the body: testosterone, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), and growth hormone (GH). Zinc plays a role in muscle growth and raising testosterone.

Boron Citrate (1mg) - High levels of boron help improve the intake of specific vitamins and minerals which is key for developing muscle and burning fat.  Boron also supports healthy testosterone production that leads to increased energy for faster gains in strength.

Aging isn’t a choice, but how fast we decline is. We created PRIME for those who aren’t content to drift off into frailty. We invented PRIME for those prepared to fight. Fight for their health, fight for their longevity, fight for the life they want to live. Are you ready to extend your PRIME?

At TRUE|LONGEVITY we believe the premium price our customers pay should be reflected in the product they receive, rather than be utilized to give the false notion of premium. Every ingredient we add is carefully dosed and considered, based on the published research. The entire formulations are debated amongst our Scientific Advisory Board, based on how each potential ingredient compliments the others. Finally, when we all agree unanimously, we launch the product. We operate on lower than industry standard margins, to ensure our products- products with demonstrable benefits through published clinical research, reach the hands of as many people as possible. That is the TRUE|LONGEVITY philosophy.


For many, physical prime peaks around age 30. This is the age where we have gained experience & knowledge, and before rapid decline sets in with our hormones, muscle growth, recovery, and more. As the saying goes “youth is wasted on the young.” Just when many of us begin to fully understand what our bodies are capable of, and sufficiently learn how to optimize our health and fitness, our physiology starts breaking down internally. But what if we didn’t accept that our bodies have to fall apart in our 30s? What if there was a way to preserve our prime for years, even decades, longer? What if we could stay youthful as we age, reaping the benefits of our hard earned experience?

Why does our prime end? What truly happens, and how do we stop it? As we age, damage and stress increase within our bodies – the battle to stay healthy, fit, and youthful gets tougher. As we reach 30 we’re not just fighting the temptations of an imperfect lifestyle, but also fighting our own bodies… Testosterone levels start declining and our ability to grow muscle is severely impacted. We leave an anabolic state (muscle growth), and transition to becoming catabolic (muscle break down) with each passing year. In fact, the average man will lose 1% of their muscle mass every year beyond 30, even if they maintain the same diet and exercise routine! Most people say that this is normal and part of aging.


Introducing PRIME, your ultimate guardian for muscle, strength, recovery and hormone health. PRIME is packed with clinically validated premium ingredients that help build muscle, maintain healthy hormone levels, and keep you in your “prime” longer. There’s no shortcuts here, PRIME is a collection of the utmost premium supplemental solutions to keep you at your best, or “prime”, for as long as possible. 

Add one scoop to glass of water or juice, stir, & drink. Best taken daily.

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thomas zorich
Simply amazing

I am a semi retired holistic physician. I will be 68 years old this year I'm always looking for an edge increasing my stamina, endurance and overall well-being. I do extreme Athletic sports and always looking for an edge. I test a lot of formulas but this formula is a winner. I wake up in the morning and feel like a teenager . Thank you water and wellness for creating an amazing .product.