Welcome to Water & Wellness Affiliate Resources and Support Center. Here you will find video tutorials on the signup process, navigating your affiliate dashboard, sharing your affiliate link and more. For additional questions, please fill out the form further below and an affiliate program manager will be in touch.

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How it Works

Our affiliate program is hosted with Shareasale - a premiere affiliate network founded in 2000 that has been providing affiliate program solutions for thousands of online retailers.

Commission payouts are processed by Shareasale, and there are no fees for affiliates to receive payouts and access the Shareasale platform.

Tracking Commissions

Like all affiliate programs, Shareasale uses affiliate links and “cookies” to track commissions.
The process of tracking commissions is as follows:

1) When an affiliate link is clicked, an invisible “tracking cookie” is assigned to the device it was clicked from. While some affiliate programs set a duration for their cookies to remain active, there is NO EXPIRATION on cookies in the Water & Wellness affiliate program. *This means that if a customer prospect clicks on an affiliate link and then returns back to the Water & Wellness website 100 days later, the cookie will still be viable to track the commission.

2) After the customer prospect adds items to their cart and checks out, the order confirmation page will relay the order information to Shareasale, and a commission will automatically be awarded to the affiliate based on the corresponding tracking cookie.

3) The ability to track referrals with coupon codes is available, however, this is done on a select basis. Please contact partners@waterandwellness if you would like to be issued a vanity code. Our affiliate program manager will determine if you are a viable candidate to receive an evergreen or limited duration code and additional instructions will be provided.


There are two types of affiliate accounts available to our partners:

  1. Single Merchant Account
    This type of account grants sole approval to the Water & Wellness affiliate program and is designed for affiliates only seeking to partner with Water & Wellness.

    To register for the Water & Wellness affiliate program ONLY, fill out the form here.

    You will be notified of your application status, and upon approval will receive a confirmation email. NOTE: In order to gain access to your dashboard and to set up your preferred method of payment, you will be required to validate your account. See the Video Tutorial below for details:


  1. Network Marketplace Account
    This type of account grants approval to the Shareasale Marketplace, and is designed for affiliates who are seeking to partner with additional brands beyond Water & Wellness. *Please note, this type of account will require approval by the Shareasale network.

    If you would like to partner with additional brands beyond Water & Wellness, apply here

Upon applying, be on the lookout for an automated confirmation email sent by Shareasale. You will be required to click the confirmation link in this email in order for your application to be processed.

Upon approval (generally in 1-2 business days), you will receive an email from Shareasale with your login instructions. Upon logging into your account for the first time, an automated request to join the Water & Wellness program will be forwarded to our affiliate manager. Other than logging into your account, there is no need to take additional steps.

In 1-2 business days, you will receive a final confirmation email when your request has been approved by the affiliate program manager. See the Video Tutorial below for details: