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"All of your vitality depends upon the quality of the charge and structure of your body's water. But a large source of toxicity comes from the water we drink. Most drinking water is full of poisons and missing the minerals needed to create the electrical charge gradient required to sustain vibrant, energetic life. By cleaning drinking water with an AquaTru, remineralizing it with Quinton hypertonic minerals, and increasing hydrogen levels with Active H2, you can set yourself up with true hydration with a functional purpose of building your charge properly. Clean, mineralized water is non-negotiable for good health." Dr. Rimka

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""I was absolutely shocked to learn that my home water system we had spent so much money on was actually harboring so much bacteria. Robert Slovak is such a wealth of knowledge and I'm so grateful for the above-counter reverse osmosis system, Aquatru."
Nicole Krakora, NMD

"When I first heard about Quinton minerals on a health + wellness podcast, I was completely blown away. The health benefits are mind blowing and I couldn't wait to try them on myself. After a few weeks of using them with myself and my family and having increased energy, improved digestion, better hydration and more ,I HAD to carry them in my clinic. I can't keep them on the shelf! Quinton is truly a gift to the world and I'm now confident I'm giving my family and patients the best available mineral supplementation."
Abby Kramer, DC

Featured on the EVOLVE Wellness Experience Podcast with Dr. Bill

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"Seawater contains every element of the periodic table—it is a healing mineral-rich gift! I’m so glad I found Quinton Hypertonic from Water & Wellness, that works for me as a natural revitalizing boost." Hilda

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Quinton marine plasma

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Molecular Hydrogen

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4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

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No one should drink unfiltered water from a tap due to the contamination and toxins. It is crucial to have a high quality water filter to do the job right so your water is healthy. The Aquatru water filter does the job.


+ FREE Replacement Filters ($80 value)
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AquaTru removes the toxins.
Quintessential adds the benefits.

No need to purchase filters for TWO YEARS. Aquatru’s 4 stage reverse osmosis filtration is so effective it removes petrochemicals, PFASs, pesticides, and pharmaceutical residue. But like all RO systems, it must also remove essential mineral content in the process.

Quintessential 3.3 replenishes your water supply with 78 trace minerals and elements contained in marine plasma harvested from cold-water plankton blooms off the coast of Spain. Quintessential 3.3 is the Gold Standard to remineralize water and is the same solution as that of Quinton Hypertonic glass ampoules, but packaged in sachet's.


+ FREE Replacement Filters ($80 value)
+ 3 Boxes of Quintessential ($141 value)

Total- $670 $569 (You Save $101)

Advanced Filtration and Remineralization:
A full season of Water & Wellness.

The AquaTru filters last exponentially longer than pitcher filters, and far exceed their effectiveness. In fact, the W&W RO filter can last for two years of regular use! Your household will not have to worry about water quality issues for years to come.

A 3-month supply of Quintessential 3.3 sachet's (same solution as Quinton Hypertonic), tested for contaminants and cold-filtered for safety, will immediately invigorate and support energy levels. Will also support healthy nerve impulse transmission, biochemical signaling, proper muscle contraction and relaxation, bone, teeth, and nail mineralization, hydrochloric acid production, and more.


+ FREE Replacement Filters ($80 value)
+ 4 boxes of Quinton Hypertonic ($188 value)
+ 4 boxes of Quinton Isotonic ($188 value)

Total- $905 $699 (You Save $206)

Bundled for Long-term Benefit.
Big Time Value!

It has become more of a challenge to consume the minerals and micronutrients we need through the water we drink and the food we eat. Stock up with this MEGA bundle that includes a 4-monthly supply of both Quinton Hypertonic and Isotonic to ensure the best drinking water for seasons to come.

Quinton Isotonic is perfect for morning and post-workout hydration, as it mirrors the concentration of minerals and trace elements found in human blood plasma. Hypertonic is more concentrated, making it ideal to remineralize your AquaTru’s filtered water tank all at once, and creating dynamic, healthy water for your whole household.