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A Quantum leap in Hydration & Health

We’ve all been there, caught up with whatever project demands our attention, and all of the sudden it catches up with us: We feel weak and a little wobbly. We’re dehydrated.

The average adult loses 2-3 liters of water per day. While engaging in activity, whether it be vigorous exercise or our busy daily routine, we are constantly losing fluids. Most people sweat out about 2 cups of water per day, and the simple act of breathing results in a loss of more than 1 cup of water through exhalation. We eliminate OVER 6 CUPS of water per day total, and losing just 2% of your body weight in dehydration can result in decreased aerobic performance.

But it isn’t JUST H2O our body is craving. The shakiness we’re feeling is our body’s way of saying it needs the trace elements and minerals it uses to facilitate all neurological communication and biological functions.

Way back in the day, we used to easily get these nutrients from our freshwater supply. But out of necessity, we now need to purify our water to the point that it no longer provides us with the trace minerals we need.

It’s similar to how we can eat boatloads of processed food that doesn’t provide us nutritional value, resulting in full bellies, but malnourished bodies: Our water is also leaving us lacking.

Drinking water is not enough.

Even more importantly, in those fluids we are losing positively and negatively charged ions that conduct electrical activity throughout the body. We know of these important ions as “ELECTROLYTES”, which include Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Calcium. Electrolytes are like oil in our car engine...they do not fuel the engine, but are absolutely necessary to keep everything running smoothly.

Water FOLLOWS the movement of electrolytes.

In order for our muscles to contract, nerves to transmit signals and the heart to beat properly, electrolytes MUST be maintained in proper balance. Without replenishment of electrolytes, the body cannot maintain proper fluid balance and hydration levels. This can lead to less effective workouts, muscle cramping, arrhythmias, edema, and fatigue.

However, there is MORE to the hydration and electrolyte discussion than meets the eye. There is an ENTIRE list of elements, beyond electrolytes, that in SPECIFIC proportions, ensure optimization of biochemical processes.

The Power of PRIMORDIAL Ocean Minerals

Nature has provided a solution from the depths of the ocean, from specific plankton-rich blooms 100 feet below the sea’s surface. Here there exists a complex interaction between all known minerals, trace elements, organic nutrients, microbes, RNA, DNA, phytoplankton and zooplankton. The scientist Rene Quinton harvested RAW seawater from areas exhibiting complex biochemical and energetic properties distinct from the surrounding ocean, and it became known as QUINTON marine plasma.

Quinton far surpasses any electrolyte or mineral product on the market today, nourishing the extracellular environment with the biological imprint of the primordial ocean. This imprint, a specific proportional relationship between the periodic elements, helped fuel life on earth as we know it.

What do you have in your pocket, purse, gym bag?

Most people carry their water bottle or a post workout snack, but are we forgetting something even more important, something critical for our health?

QUINTON is the answer. Traditionally (and to this day) Quinton has been packaged in glass ampoules. Today, however, Quinton comes in travel-friendly sachets called QUINTESSENTIAL: 78 trace elements and minerals sourced from deep sea cold water plankton blooms and packaged in convenient sachets that you can take anywhere!

There are two concentrations of Quintessential:

Quintessential 0.9 is the TONIC: Raw seawater, diluted with spring water to match the concentration of body fluids

At a 0.9 concentration, it mimics your own blood plasma, making Quintessential 0.9 a must have for your carry-on luggage, backpack or purse. Take for daily maintenance and when feeling under the weather.

Quintessential 0.9:

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