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Water and Wellness and the team has been featured in many publications. Check out some of the few we've been mentioned on!


  • About Co-Founder

    Robert Slovak

    About Co-Founder

    Robert Slovak

    International water expert, Robert Slovak co-founded Water and Wellness after 40+ years as one of the world’s foremost water scientists. He and his brother were pioneers in reverse osmosis technology development and all of its applications. His innovations included RO drinking water systems, spot-free car washes, bottled water production, laboratory purification, hemodialysis, seawater desalination, microchip production, bottled water production, water vending and more.

    When working in the very rural areas of Brazil in 2001, Slovak fell ill with a life threatening illness. The indigenous people shared Quinton—a magical marine plasma with a history dating back to 1897. Amazed by the results, combined with his lifelong love of natural health, Robert made it his mission to expand awareness of Quinton. Since then, Quinton has become a worldwide phenomenon. Robert is a regular guest on international stages, has taught in universities, written books and magazines for the global water industry, and has been involved in some of the most advanced health companies to date.


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