Original Quinton

“Seawater is the mother and medium of life.”
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

  Nobel Prize winner

QuintEssential Bioterrain Restore 0.9 is pure marine plasma diluted to the concentration of the natural BioTerrain we inherited through evolution.
Adverse health conditions represent a breakdown of body systems and functions, all of which are profoundly connected to the condition of your BioTerrain
Use QuintEssential 0.9 to initiate and support revitalization of this critical aspect of human physiology.

Beware of imitators...It is not uncommon to see a world-class product copied or counterfeited. Rogue companies claim their marine plasma is authentic and from the original Quinton Labratoires (www.quinton.es) but they are not, and none compare. Counterfeiters do not follow the proven harvesting, testing, processing and sterilizing protocols established by René Quinton. Instead, they take money-saving shortcuts that lead to a grossly inferior product. There is simply no substitute for marine plasma from Labratoires Quinton.

QuintEssential marine plasma is exclusively cold sterilized using pharmaceutical micro-filtration which protects the delicate balance of naturally occuring, bioavailable ocean nutrients our physiology requires.

Only the authentic QuintEssential brand assures you a superior, effective product.

QuintEssential Optimum Mineralization 3.3 is the pure marine plasma as it is harvested from the mineral-rich plankton bloom.

Our body’s requirement for minerals, trace elements and marine co-factors is constant. Without them, the physiological consequences are declining health, loss of vitality and aging.

Use QuintEssential 3.3 to meet your biological requirements and supply your body with an abundance of critical nutrients.

Nutrients from the Origins of Life!
In evolving from the sea, humans have maintained an internal ocean or what modern physiologists would describe as the “BioTerrain.”

In 1897 René Quinton made the remarkable discovery that it is crucial to maintain this BioTerrain with the ocean’s perfectly proportioned essential minerals, elements and organic complexes.

René Quinton sought the most pure, biologically active seawater from the nutrient-rich plankton blooms. He then harvested and prepared it under exacting protocols and named it Plasma de Quinton.

Today, hundreds of thousands of health care professionals and health-minded individuals worldwide have discovered the remarkable benefits of marine plasma. Purative is proud to offer you the finest quality marine plasma in its QuintEssential product line.

QuintEssential is invaluable...First to repair the imbalances in our BioTerrain and then to rebuild the reserves of minerals and trace elements that are required, moment to moment, for all our metabolic neurological and genetic demands.

Laboratoires Quinton Authorized Dealer 100% authentic Marine Plasma since 1897.

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