Quinton Plasma expedites the regeneration of the organism by substituting a depleted inner medium, replacing it with a natural and identical equivalent, thus promoting optimum cell development & activity.



Even more importantly, in those we are losing positively and negatively charged ions that conduct electrical activity throughout the body. We know of these important ions as "ELECTROLYTES", which include Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Calcium.

Electrolytes are like oil in our car engine.. they do not fuel the engine, but are ABSOLUTELY necessary to keep everything running smoothly.

In order for our muscles to contract, nerves to transmit signals and the heart to beat properly, electrolytes MUST be maintained in proper balance. Without replenishment of electrolytes, the body cannot maintain proper fluid balance and hydration levels. This can lead to less effective workouts, muscle cramping, arrhythmias, edema, and fatigue.

However, there is MORE to the hydration and electrolyte discussion than meets the eye. There is an ENTIRE list of trace elements, beyond electrolytes, that in SPECIFICS proportions, ensure optimization of biochemical processes.


Nature has provided a solution from the depths of the ocean, from specific plankton-rich 100 feet below the sea's surface. Here there exists a complex interaction between all known minerals, trace elements, organic nutrients, microbes, RNA, DNA, phytoplankton and zooplankton.

The scientist Rene Quinton harvested RAW seawater from areas exhibiting complex biochemical and ENERGETIC properties distinct from the surrounding ocean, and it became known as QUINTON marine plasma.

Quinton far surpasses any electrolyte or mineral product on the market, nourishing the extracellular environment with the inherent knowledge and ancient biological imprint of the primordial ocean. This knowledge, a specific proportional relationship between the periodic elements, fueled life on earth as we know it.


We humans consist of around 100 TRILLION cells, surrounded by an extracellular milieu, the BIOTERRAIN. The health of this extracellular matrix ensures proper biochemical reactions, cellular metabolism, and even predicts how microorganisms materialize in the body. Quinton feeds the bioterrain, bathing our cells in everything they require to function while providing cellular nourishment through electro-osmosis.

Quinton's rich history includes use at nearly 70 clinics around Europe and North Africa 30 years prior to the advent of antibiotics. No other nutraceutical has documented usage over 120 years! Rene Quinton himself was regarded as a French national hero for his discovery, as Quinton marine plasma was found to offer health restorative properties among those suffering through pandemics.

Those who have tried Quinton report an energetic transfer and restorative health benefits not found taking other mineral products. It has been uniquely harvested since 1897 in such a way to preserve ALL health promoting properties: there is NO HEAT applied, NO IRRADIATION, and over 78 minerals in specific proportions that induce an almost immediate reinvigoration of depleted organic systems.

Quinton plasma expedites the regeneration of the organism by substituting a depleted inner medium, replacing it with a natural and identical equivalent, thus promoting optimum cell development and activity.


Quinton Isotonic and Quinton Hypertonic are also offered in two equivalent, travel-friendly sachets perfect for on-the-go. QuintEssential 0.9 is equivalent to Quinton Isotonic and QuintEssential 3.3 is equivalent to Quinton Hypertonic.

Original Quinton Isotonic & QuintEssential 0.9

Quinton Isotonic: 0.9%- Identical to the osmotic concentration of human plasma; Best choice for restoring the health of the bioterrain, for those starting out with weak constitutions or health ailments.Quinton Isotonic and QuintEssential 0.9 are the exact same solution, just different packaging.

Isotonic: “Quinton Plasma”, identical to blood plasma in its mineral and trace-element concentration. Restores the health of the extracellular matrix, or BIOTERRAIN, within the body. Isotonic supports a healthy stress response, regular sleep cycles and a proper parasympathetic/sympathetic balance within the nervous system.

Quinton Isotonic is the choice when first starting Quinton, but also if an individual is very sensitive or dealing with specific health complaints. It supports the regeneration of the organism by the substitution of a depleted inner medium, replacing it with a natural and identical equivalent, thus promoting optimum cell development and activity. Taken by mouth 1-3x daily on an EMPTY STOMACH.

Original Quinton

Quinton Hypertonic: 3.3%- Higher concentration of trace elements than that of our plasma; For maintenance in healthy individuals, added to water for daily mineralization needs, and for athletes prior, during, and after activity.Quinton Hypertonic and QuintEssential 3.3 are the exact same solution, just different packaging.

Hypertonic: the most concentrated form of Quinton. Promotes cellular nourishment for daily needs. Used when there is a need for concentrated minerals and trace-elements for the optimum functioning of any organism. Hypertonic immediately invigorates, supporting energy levels, and is used prior to an anticipated drain of energy whether it be physical, intellectual or emotional.

Supports healthy nerve impulse transmission, biochemical signaling, proper muscle contraction and relaxation, bone, teeth, and nail mineralization, hydrochloric acid production, and more.

Add one to daily water supply to re-mineralize water that has been purified by reverse osmosis or distillation. Can take by mouth 1-3x daily prior to, during, or after vigorous exercise.


  • Supported by over 120 years of clinical evidence
  • Exhibits special biological and ENERGETIC properties
  • Cold-microfiltered
  • No heat, pasteurization, or UV radiation
  • Supports a healthy biological terrain
  • Harvested from vortex oceanic plankton blooms
  • Processed in certified pharmaceutical lab facility in Spain
  • Harvested since 1897 in proprietary way from depths of 30 meters to preserve all health promoting properties