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30 ampules of marine plasma

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Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

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30 ampules of marine plasma

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As a leader in the health and wellness industry, one of the most common questions I get is "if you could only use one supplement, what would it be?". This is a question that used to be difficult to answer. Then I discovered Quinton Sea Water Solution. In my opinion, this is the single most nutrient-dense substance one could use to enhance a clean, organic diet. The unfortunate fact is that most of the Earth's soil is terribly depleted of minerals and micronutrients, which at one time would have been prevalent in the soil, and as a result- our food. Quinton is the missing link in this equation and one that I will continue to use daily for the rest of my life. It is truly one of nature's best medicines, and one that is incredibly easy to integrate into your lifestyle, regardless of the type of diet to which you prescribe.

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Hydrogen tablets, in general, are one of the most helpful additions to anyone’s health & water optimization protocol , but when it comes to metabolic maintenance and energy, the experts at Water & Wellness have elevated hydrogen to an entirely new level with their Active H2 + Chromax tabs - if you want to use hydrogen, this is the best way to do it!"

After spending much of my health focus on water quality over the past two decades, I have explored many different filters and water systems. All but Aquatru have proven to disappoint for various reasons. The whole house systems are expensive and are not often customized to each home's specific water issues. The under-sink RO systems are problematic due to bacteria issues in the holding tank. As for countertop units, I've yet to find one that meets my stringent standards for water purity. What sets Aquatru apart is that it is not a water 'filter' but rather a 'water purifier, in the truest sense. I personally do my best to avoid water that is 'filtered' due to its ambiguity. I want the purest water I can get when it comes to what I drink. Aquatru has become the solution for me for safe drinking water when I find myself unable to procure fresh, rocky mountain spring water directly from the source.

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25% OFF 6-MONTH Supply

+ 3 Bottles of Active H2 Ultra molecular hydrogen tablets (60ct)
+ 6 Boxes of Active H2+ Chromax (30ct each)

Total- $401.79 $299 (You have saved - $102)

Can Reduce Carb Cravings and Improve Body Composition.

This bundle includes two of the most exciting tools for unlocking the body’s youthful resilience and regulating your metabolism. Molecular Hydrogen and Chromium have each been observed to initiate multi-system benefits in hundreds of human clinical trials.

Notable clinically observed benefits:

Regulated Inflammatory Response
Metabolic Regulation
Improved cholesterol levels
Assisted weight management
Reduction in Carbohydrate Cravings
Transdermal Healing


AquaTru w/ 3 Filters

+ BONUS FREE Replacement Filters ($60 value)
+ FREE 30 day supply of Quintessential ($44 value)Text

Total- $529.95 $426 (You have saved - $104)

AquaTru removes the toxins. Quintessential adds the benefits.

Aquatru’s 4 stage reverse osmosis filtration is so effective it removes petrochemicals, PFASs, pesticides, and pharmaceutical residue. But like all RO systems, it must also remove essential mineral content in the process.

Quintessential replenishes your water supply with 78 trace minerals and elements provided by sea plasma harvested from cold-water plankton blooms off the coast of Spain.


AquaTru w/ 3 Filters

+ FREE Replacement Filters ($60 value)
+ 3-MONTH Supply of Quinton

Total- $617.95 $489 (You have saved - $129)

Advanced Filtration and Remineralization: A full season of Water & Wellness.

The AquaTru filters last exponentially longer than pitcher filters, and far exceed their effectiveness. In fact, the W&W RO filter can last for two years of regular use! Your household will not have to worry about water quality issues for years to come.

And 3 months of Quinton, tested for contaminants and cold-filtered for safety, will help replenish micronutrients that support your autonomic nervous system and cellular metabolism.


AquaTru w/ 3 Filters

+ FREE Replacement Filters ($60 value)
+ 3-MONTH Supply of Quinton Hypertonic
+ PLUS 3-MONTH Supply of Quinton Isotonic

Total- $749.95 $599 (You have saved - $151)

Bundled for Long-term Benefit and Big Time Value!

It has become more of a challenge to consume the minerals and micronutrients we need through the water we drink (due to needed filtration) and the food we eat (due to over farming).

Quinton Isotonic, is perfect for morning and post-work out hydration, as it mirrors the concentration of minerals and trace elements found in human blood plasma. And Hypertonic is more concentrated, making it ideal to remineralize your AquaTru’s filtered water tank all at once. Creating dynamic, healthy water for your whole household.