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AquaTru & 1 Year Filter Supply Pack

AquaTru + EXTRA set of FREE filters for a 1 year supply. 

AquaTru filters last exponentially longer than pitcher filters, and far exceed their effectiveness. In fact, the W&W RO filter can last for two years of regular use! Your household will not have to worry about water quality issues for years to come.  PLEASE NOTE:  This bundle only contains ONE Reverse Osmosis Filter, but there will be no need to purchase additional filters for 2 years.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Elegant Countertop RO System

    I love the way that this looks on my counter. Even better, it provides super clean water, easily and quickly. I add some minerals back to it and it's the best tasting water I've ever had!

    kay Schnizlein
    love filter Aqua tru. it operates like Mor Cler from Zija. yr of filters is great

    the aque will tell me when to switch filter,? do you know who manufatures Mor Cler with moringa in filter one? or the manufature of kay [****]

    L B Heit
    A very good purchase

    I am a chemical engineer who worked in Pharma for years. The Aqua True system is works well with our hard and somewhat smelly water. It reduces the TDS from 245 to about 16. The water tastes pure and is a pleasure to drink. It is easy to use and saves me alot of effort when compared the Zero Water pitcher filtration. I would recommend the unit but I have only 1 month of use so I cannot talk about it's longevity or the life of the filters. I would likr to suggest a couple of i

    As an engineer I would like to suggest a couple of improvements.
    1 The water discharge spigot should be removable for thorough cleaning.
    2 Both tanks should be made to be dishwasher safe so they are actually sanitized.
    3 consider add a UV light in the clean water tank to prevent biological growth in the chlorine free side.

    Sabrina Aspesi
    My reverse osmosis Aqua Tru

    I love it! It is so easy to set up and work. I tested the water and the PH level is great, the water tastes good (and my city water is horrible) and customer service is very helpful. I called twice and both times they knew exactly what to do and it worked. I bought another brand, literally 2 weeks earlier and it was so completed that I gave it to my friend's son who is an electronics wizard. Thank you so much! Do you have one that is travel sized so I can take it to Greece, that has the plug used there?

    Corie Barnhart-Grogan
    Tried & True

    My husband and I first purchased the Aqua Tru filter system in 2017 and were very pleased with the great tasting water it provided and having the knowledge of how it works in what all the filters take out was very satisfying. In the fogginess of grief from losing my husband in December to Covid, I let our system "go" in the Estate Sale of our home in New York before moving to Texas in August. Needless to say, I realized I very much needed this back and am happy to have it again. The shipping was fast and everything arrived in perfect condition.

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