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Ensure Optimal Performance! Descaling your AquaTru regularly ensures your machine continues to deliver you pure, delicious water. AquaTru's Descaling Kit removes mineral scale that can build up in your AquaTru over time, especially in areas with hard water.

Descaling Procedure

Before starting this procedure, make sure that the tap tank is clean and free of any hard water deposit. If you live in an area with hard water, it is important that you always keep the tap tank clean and free of scale. The scale in the tank can come loose as small scale-flakes that block the pump. We recommend that you clean and remove any scaling from the tap tank once a week.

  1. Remove the filter cover, wait for the filters to depressurize for 60 seconds, and then remove each filter by turning counter-clockwise.
  2. Install the AquaTru Descaling Filters by inserting and turning clockwise until the red arrows align. Slide the filter cover back on.
  3. Heat purified water to around 100 to 120-degrees F (similar temperature to hot water from the tap).  Do not use boiling water.
  4. Fill the tap tank to about ½ inch below the handle.
  5. Add 2 packets of AquaTru Descaling Powder to the water. Stir for 30 seconds to fully dissolve in the water.
  6. Place the tap tank on the AquaTru base, and let it start filtering. After about 5 minutes of filtering, turn off the power and let it sit and soak for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes are up, turn your AquaTru back on back on and let it complete filtering the descaling solution.
  7. Next, pour all of the water from the clean water tank into the tap water tank, and let it filter the descaling solution through the system one more time.
  8. Once filtering is complete, and you see a full blue circle at the top of the display panel, discard the water from both tanks.
  9. Run 2 more full tanks of cold tap water through AquaTru, discarding the water from both tanks after each cycle.
  10. Slide the filter cover off, and remove the Descaling Filters. Then, re-install your filters. If your filtering time exceeded 25 minutes before you started this descaling process, you should replace your RO filter with a new one at this time.
  11. Clean both tanks with soap and water before using the AquaTru again.

For regular maintenance, and to prolong the life of the RO filter, we recommend that you do this once a month. If done regularly, the life of the RO filter will be increased.

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Steve Fiorentino

worked great!