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    • QuintEssential 3.3

    THOROUGH PURIFICATION - The 4-step process used by this state-of-the-art system surpasses most other water systems. As reverse osmosis removes chemicals and contaminants, all that's left in the final result is ultra-pure water for drinking and cooking. One taste will prove the difference.


    • EASY TO SET UP & USE - AquaTru is ideal for anyone -- renters, travelers, or those who don’t want a cumbersome installation procedure. It sets up in minutes without the need for plumbing or installing tasks. The quick-change filters are a breeze to twist in place, and last up to 2 years. The digital display helpfully lets you know when a filter change is in order. 


    • CONVENIENT, COMPACT DESIGN - Its sleek look is tasteful and unobtrusive in any kitchen. Simply find a home on the countertop or table for its 14-inch x 14-inch x 12-inch shape, and the pure, clean, great-tasting water it provides will cover its ‘rent’ tenfold in satisfaction. The super-simple dispensing button & function are a pleasure to use.


    • TAKE COMFORT & FEEL CONFIDENT - Did you know that unregulated drinking water can contain cleaning and prescription-drug byproducts? Harmful particles like this get past many filters. With AquaTru, know that the water in your home, for you and your family and guests, has been filtered through one of the most comprehensive reverse-osmosis systems available. Providing and drinking totally pristine, healthy, chemical-free water helps you feel assured that what goes in our bodies is wholesome and pure. 


    • ABOVE & BEYOND STANDARD LAB APPROVAL - Even bottled-water providers don’t meet the purity levels of water provided from AquaTru’s reverse-osmosis process. Many labs have found there are microplastics, carcinogens, and other toxins found in nearly all tap, filtered, and bottled waters available. Even arsenic, lead, and chromium have been discovered in municipal waters. AquaTru is certified by IAPMO (one of only three recognized testing facilities in North America) to remove all of this, surpassing ANSI/NSF Standards to remove 15 times more contaminants than leading pitcher filters. AquaTru takes out nearly all lead, chromium, copper, fluoride, radium, chlorine, glyphosate and more.

    View Certified test results here.
    View glyphosate removal results here.


    Clean drinking water is a treasure. We all want it! It’s not as easy to get as it should be, though. AquaTru wants to change that for you. This 4-step reverse osmosis purification system makes it a smooth, simple process for anyone. No complicated plumbing or installation efforts are needed -- just clear a little space on a countertop or table in your kitchen, and get it started. The comprehensive water filter process takes out millions of contaminants to provide you with purified drinking water at the touch of a button. AquaTru does the hard part so you can handily have clean drinking water ready when you need it. Filters are a snap to twist out, too. With set-up and access so simple and accessible, this is the system that should be in every home. It’s incredible what a thorough reverse-osmosis process can do. Taste the delicious difference!

    No complicated plumbing or installation efforts are needed -- just clear a little space on a countertop or table in your kitchen, and get it started.

    How to Use AquaTru:


    1. Plug in to an electrical outlet
    2. Install the filters with a simple twist
    3. Fill up the tap water tank with water from your faucet and place on the base
    4. Switch on, and AquaTru will get to work immediately.
    5. Make sure to empty out the waste water left behind in the tap water tank (waste water is highly concentrated with contaminants and will damage the pump and the filters if not discarded each time), and then refill it with fresh tap water, when you see the solid blue circle on the display panel.

    Advanced 4-Stage Purification System 

    AquaTru’s patented Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology provides powerful, 4-stage purification performance that substantially reduces virtually all toxic chemicals out of your tap water.


    4-Stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Purification Process

    1. Mechanical Pre-Filter: Removes sediments and cloudiness (turbidity) from water.

    2. Activated Carbon Pre-Filter: Removes more than 99% of chlorine and chloramines.

    3. High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Filter: Removes toxic inorganic contaminants including Lead and Chromium 6

    4. Activated Coconut Shell Carbon VOC Filter: Removes toxic organic chemicals, which ensures great tasting water.


    Easy Installation

    No plumbing or installation required. Just plug in and get purifying.


    Digital Display with Change Filter Alerts

    Filter indicator lights on our convenient display panel takes the guesswork about when to change your filters.


    Long-Lasting, High Capacity Filters

    AquaTru’s filters are meant to last, which means less frequent filter changes that add up to significant savings over time. Just one set of filters makes the equivalent of 4500 plastic water bottles (16.9 oz each)!


    One-Touch Water Dispensing

    Easy-to-use dispensing button makes filling up your glass or water bottle fast and convenient.


    Removable Dispensing Tank

    Clean water tank can be removed and stored in the fridge for cold drinking water on hand.


    Space Saving and Compact Design

    Efficient and elegant countertop design takes up minimal space in the kitchen.



    Deliciously Healthy Water

    AquaTru water is free of virtually all toxic chemicals so that all you’re left with is water so pure, great tasting water.


    Easy-to-Use and Maintain

    No plumbing or installation required--just plug in and start purifying. Our filter indicator lights take any guesswork out of when to change your filters, and filter replacements are easy with just a simple twist. No tools needed.


    Cost-Saving + Sustainable

    Just one set of filters replaces 4500 plastic water bottles (16.9 oz)! By avoiding bottled water and creating your own purified water, you not only reduce single-use plastic waste in our environment, but AquaTru’s long-lasting filters also add up to significant savings over the life of the product.


    Compact and Portable

    With a compact footprint, AquaTru can sit easily on your counter or under any standard kitchen cabinet. With no installation or plumbing required, you can take AquaTru with you if you move.



    Reverse osmosis technology uses high pressure to force water through a fine, semi-permeable membrane that filters out most contaminants. The result of this process produces a certain amount of “waste water”, which contains a high concentration of those rejected contaminants. In standard under-the-sink reverse osmosis systems, for every 1 gallon of pure water produced, around 4 gallons of waste water goes straight down the drain. AquaTru does things differently. AquaTru is 4x more efficient, creating very little waste water that can even be used for watering your lawn.

    AquaTru is the first countertop reverse osmosis water purifier certified to NSF/ANSI standards to remove 82 contaminants, including Lead, Chromium-6, Chlorine, Fluoride, PFAs, Nitrates and more. AquaTru creates purified, great-tasting water from your tap—no plumbing or installation required. Our patented Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology uses the same technology as all the major bottled brands, but in a convenient, compact countertop design. With AquaTru, you can transform your tap water into pure, delicious water you can trust.

    AquaTru is certified by IAPMO (one of only three recognized testing facilities in North America):


    View certified test results


    For additional health benefits, try using your AquaTru in combination with Quintessential 3.3 marine plasma for remineralization and Active H2 Ultra Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

    QuintEssential is living seawater/marine plasma harvested from seasonal vortex plankton blooms 100 feet below sea level in the Bay of Biscay. This area of the sea is satellite monitored and known for its powerful currents and ocean upwellings that bring nutrients into the plankton bloom, which is made up of billions of forms of tiny plant and animal life called Phytoplankton and Zooplankton. Under the action of sunlight, a transformation occurs between the plankton, minerals, amino acids and nucleic acids.


    These plankton blooms are the highest concentration and diversity of life on our planet and are the source of more than 50% of the oxygen in the atmosphere. Phytoplankton are the "lungs" of the sea, and the oxygen from one out of every two breaths we take comes from plankton.


    QuintEssential is not just saltwater either. On the contrary, when water is evaporated to produce sea salt, these biological and biochemical micronutrients go away. Celtic sea salt is DENATURED sea water. Nor is QuintEssential just any seawater, i.e. deep seawater, which is not influenced and enhanced by the multitude of phytoplankton and zooplanktonn (there is little or no teeming microscopic life at an ocean depth of 3000-4000 feet). This is why marine plasma must be harvested just below 30 meters deep.


    QuintEssential nourishes the body with the knowledge and biological imprint of the primordial ocean, which some believe life evolved from. It contains over 78 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in PRECISE ratios that the body requires to maintain a healthy state. The bioavailability of these nutrients (heightened by their organo-complexed form) allow for immediate absorption and utilization, restoring balance, health, and vitality.  


    We have over 100 trillion cells in the body, which are all surrounded by an extracellular milieu known as the BIOTERRAIN.  The health of this bioterrain ensures proper cellular metabolism, cell nourishment, and can predict how microorganisms materialize in the body.  Bathing our cells in the same primordial, mineral-rich bath that nourished life for millions of years ensures a healthy bioterrain.  

    QuintEssential is the only mineral formula that contains the entire periodic table of elements in specific ratios that mimic (almost identically) the sea from which many believe that life was born.  That is why throughout history abroad, clinics and doctors have used Quinton ISOTONIC as an IV and injection - because of its very close resemblance to internal bodily fluids.  You cannot say that about any other concentrated mineral source.  


    Hypertonic/QuintEssential 3.3:

    • Hydrates, revitalizes and energizes
    • Enhances function of both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers
    • Promotes mental clarity and energy
    • Supports strong bones and teeth
    • Promotes normal cell division

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