How To Protect Your Body From The Effects Of Stress

how to protect your body from the effects of stress

The effect of stress on the body can come in many different forms. Chronic or high stress can hurt not only your mood and behavior, but also your physical body as well. Some common symptoms of stress are socially withdrawing, anxiety, muscle pain, headaches, decreased sex drive, depression, fatigue, anger, and lack of motivation. 

Of course, stress doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. Each person’s stress is their own battle. However, there is one thing that stress does to everyone: accelerates aging. Stress has been proven to not only speed up cellular aging, but also speed up physical aging. The increased cortisol can cause wrinkles to form because it breaks down the skin’s collagen

So how do we protect our bodies from the effects of stress?

Regular Exercise

Having a fitness routine that you follow consistently on a weekly basis can help to reduce your stress level and protect your body from the negative effects of increased cortisol. During exercise, your body produces more endorphins, which naturally boost your mood and sense of well-being. 

From yoga to pilates to running to swimming to dancing, any form of exercise can help to manage stress. The key is to choose a form of exercise that you enjoy so that you are more inclined to follow a routine. Picking something you enjoy will also make exercise feel like a reward rather than a chore. 

A Healthy Diet

The health of our body and spirit depend on our diet. Think of the foods you ingest like a protective shield. By maintaining a healthy and balanced  diet full of clean proteins, fats, and complex carbs, your body is more readily able to combat the effect of stress. 

Inversely, if you fill your plate with simple sugars and processed foods, you are already putting your body in a state of stress because it is not getting the nutrition it needs to run at an optimal level. As a result of a poor diet, your body has a weak and brittle shield against stress. 


The word ‘self-care’ encompasses a lot of different things. It can mean taking care of yourself on a weekly basis with proper diet, exercise, and sleep. But, the act of self-care is also taking time for the things that make you happy.

Everyone needs time on a daily basis to relax and enjoy their lives. Putting aside time for an enjoyable hobby such as knitting or reading, spending time with family, or giving yourself an hour without your phone by your side is a great way to decrease your stress level. Watching TV, playing video games, or drinking alcohol may feel like a destresser, but these have actually been proven to increase stress levels over time

A Little Extra Help…

Our modern world is all about convenience, so it’s no surprise that health has become something that people want a fast and easy answer for. Of course, health isn’t that simple and it takes a lot of conscious action to really take control of it and create an optimal routine. Part of that control is including supplements that target root causes and encourage healthy living. 

Everywhere we go, we are bombarded with outside toxins and pollutants, which can weaken our body’s shield against stress. Liquid Liposomal Glutathione is a supplement that can aid in the elimination of stress on the body by protecting and detoxifying your system. Glutathione protects cells from the negative effects of pesticides, pollutants, metals, and more and works to neutralize and eliminate toxins that are present in the body. This, in turn, also helps to support our immune systems and protect us against disease.

This supplement also supports healthy aging, and not just through stress protection. The levels of glutathione in the body must be high for cellular regeneration. Unfortunately, it is too easy for glutathione to run low due to toxin exposure, poor diet, and inflammatory imbalances, so taking a supplement routinely can help keep your body in balance and help you age well. 

Getting a little extra help from Liquid Liposomal Glutathione along with a healthy lifestyle routine can help to reduce your stress levels and keep you feeling and looking younger. 

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