Top Reasons To Detox Your Body

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It's easy to find yourself consumed with excessive calories, carbs, and unhealthy fats, especially after the holidays. Revitalize your body and eliminate toxins with PushCatch Detox – a simple two-step system and optimal approach to detoxification!

Here Are Reasons To Detox Your Body:

Weight loss – toxins can be harmful to the cells and tissues of the body. Thankfully, you have a built-in protective mechanism which is to encapsulate and safely store the excess in your fat cells. Unfortunately, this means as your toxic load becomes greater, your fat cells grow as well. The good news is as you eliminate toxins, you also shrink the fat cells and release weight you may have been holding onto.

Boosted immunity – ridding the body of burdensome toxins helps strengthen the immune system so you're better able to fight off bacteria and viruses before they transpire to colds, flu, or infection.

Stabilized mood – eliminating caffeine and sugar while loading up on nutrient-rich, high-fiber foods helps stabilize the blood sugar which balances and calms the nervous system.

Clearer skin – the skin is a primary channel of elimination and directly reflects your internal environment. When your system is clean after a detox, your skin will appear smoother, more vibrant, and youthful.

Sharper mind – toxins impair both mental and physical function. As you remove them from the system, brain fog lifts while memory, mental clarity, and focus improve.

PushCatch™ Liver Detox helps facilitate the body’s natural detoxification processes of pushing toxins out through the liver and into the bile and then capturing them with an advanced combination of gastrointestinal binders in the gut to facilitate their elimination from the body. It contains two essential tools for effective detoxification, Liver Sauce® and Ultra Binder®.

Liver Sauce® contains a proprietary blend of liver and digestive herbs (milk thistle seed, dandelion, and gentian root, goldenrod, and myrrh resin, along with quercetin, diindolylmethane [DIM], R-lipoic acid, and luteolin), delivered in advanced sunflower phospholipid liposomes for superior absorption and fast action.

Ultra Binder® contains a proprietary blend of activated charcoal, bentonite clay, zeolite, gum Arabic (FibreGum™), chitosan, IMD® thiol-functionalized silica, and BioAloe® aloe vera leaf in easy-to-use stick packs that can be mixed with water, or a beverage of your choosing.

This simple two-step process of PushCatch™ can be easily scaled up (or down) to the desired intensity based on individual sensitivity.

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