Everyone Loves Chocolate, Just Not The Aging Effects Of High Blood Sugar…

Active H2 + Chromax Image Chromium Molecular Hydrogen Water
With Valentine's Day, comes chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate, but we don’t love the aging effects of high blood sugar... Good thing we have products that helps counteract sweet surges!

Chromax, with up to 15x higher absorption than other forms of chromium, has been clinically validated in over 35 human clinical studies.

Chromium, a mineral we only need in mere microgram doses per day can make the difference between health and disease…

Chromium is the active component of GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor), a compound in the body which potentiates the action of insulin, moving glucose from the blood into the cells.

The SYNERGY between molecular hydrogen and chromium supports insulin sensitivity, fat loss and preservation of lean body tissue.

Molecular Hydrogen, (H2), has also been found to:

-Support nitric oxide, circulation and cardiovascular health*

-Modulate the immune response*

-Support athletic performance and recovery*

-Enhance energy levels*

-Inhibit inflammation*

-Enhance memory and cognitive function*

-Preserve mitochondrial function*

-Inhibit DNA/RNA damage*

-Optimize oxygen utilization*

*One tablet daily is suggested, although many combine 1 Active H2 + Chromax with 1 additional tablet of Active H2 Ultra.

Reminder: Testing fasting glucose, insulin and Hemoglobin A1c are important to gauge where one is on the spectrum between optimal blood sugar and advanced AGING due to blood sugar dysregulation. Do not wait for a diagnosis before taking action!

Consider pairing with:

AMPK+ - a powerful liquid blend of well-researched fasting mimetics and other phytonutrients designed to help activate the AMPK pathway, flipping the body’s “metabolic switch” from sugar to fat burning.

Ageless Defense - prefer capsules? The MOST comprehensive formula to minimize glycation damage and support healthy blood sugar within a normal range.

Dr. Angela Pogioli
Clinical Consultant / Product Education Specialist

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