Magical Sea Minerals

Magical Sea Minerals

It seems that the word has gotten out about the magic of primordial sea minerals!  If you are new to Quinton, keep in mind that there is NO product on that market that has a clinical track record going back over 120 years to 1897!  

Quinton is harvested under strict conditions from a VORTEX plankton bloom which naturally occurs in a pristine, protected part of the Bay of Biscay, and is visible from space!  This vortex bloom is made up of billions of forms of tiny plant and animal life called Phytoplankton and Zooplankton. Under the action of sunlight, a transformation occurs between the plankton, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids, etc...and therein lies the secret. 

The brilliance of Rene Quinton, was that he recognized the biochemical and ENERGETIC properties of this bloom were very different than the surrounding ocean...and the fact that the 78 minerals contained within this sea water were in SPECIFIC ratios that were strikingly similar to that within the human plasma

This bloom transferred INTELLIGENCE from the sea to our human bodies in a way that nurtures our bioterrain, bathing our cells in everything they need for proper function! 

Keep in mind, the human body DOES NOT make these 78 minerals, but we REQUIRE them in trace quantities for transmitting nerve impulses, muscle contraction, blood sugar regulation, nail, hair, skin and bone health, electrolyte balance, HYDRATION and ENERGY production.  

We may be told there are only around 16 essential minerals to stay alive, but there are 78 we need to THRIVE and FLOURISH, just as life flourished from the sea millions of years ago.

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