New & Improved AGEless Defense

Ageless Defense antiaging NAD+ supplement
What do these have in common?

-Wrinkles in the skin
-Cloudiness in lens of the eye
-Loss of memory in the aging brain
-Kidney dysfunction
-Erectile dysfunction
-Burning in the toes
-High blood sugar!

Elevations in glucose MASSIVELY contribute to all of these!

Functional and Holistic doctors understand this - It is imperative to monitor blood sugar and make sure fasting levels stay between 70 and 90. The higher it goes, the more you'll experience changes in your delicate organs like the BRAIN. These changes involve advanced glycation end-product formation (AGEs). Simply put, AGEs are caramelized sugar that sticks to tissues. This happens within our body the higher our sugar intake goes.

The BEST anti-aging strategy is to minimize AGE formation and there are many nutraceuticals that can assist. However there is only ONE formula that combines 14 of the MOST powerful ingredients (like rosmarinic acid) to minimize AGEs and that is called…

AGEless Defense. Now with NAD+ precursor Nicotinamide Riboside & SIRTMax. 

SIRTMax has 5x more potency than resveratrol and acts on SIRT 1 (the longevity gene) to positively influence metabolic health, as well as AGE formation. And did we mention that the ingredients are also excellent to inhibit inflammation and oxidative damage as well, so it covers ALL the key factors in aging!

Cheers to being AGELESS!


Nicotinamide Ribose: longevity compound, boosts NAD+ levels, promotes SIRT1 and SIRT3 activity, essential for cellular metabolism, energy production, systemic youthful function, and positively impacts DNA repair in animals

Carnosine: antioxidant peptide, potent glycation inhibition, associated with extended lifespans, may curb cellular senescence.

Taurine: glycation scavenger minimizing AGE formation, promotes healthy insulin sensitivity and healthy cardiovascular parameters.

Alpha Lipoic: boosts glutathione levels, mitigates the pathologic cross-linking of glucose and protein.

Bilberry: free radical scavenging anthocyanins combat glycation.

Benfotiamine: fat-soluble form of B1, easily penetrates cell membrane, combats AGEs.

Curcuwin: counters AGE formation by activating NRF-2 pathway, found to be over 100x more bioavailable than standard curcumin.

Resveratrol: polyphenols inhibit AGE proliferation, heart, brain and metabolic health.

Pyridoxine B6: cofactor in over 160 enzyme-driven reactions in the body, protect lipids and proteins against glycation

SirtMax: 5x more potency than resveratrol, acts on SIRT 1 (the longevity gene) to positively influence metabolic health, oxidative stress, advanced glycation end products (AGEs) formation, arterial flexibility, and weight management.

Cinnamon and Clove: helps maintain already-healthy blood sugar levels after eating to minimize AGEs.

Vitamin C: supports adrenal health to encourage already-healthy glucose regulation, key for collagen formation and reducing oxidative stress.

Rosmarinic Acid: powerhouse ingredient, inhibits DNA glycation in animals.

Dr. Angela Pogioli
Clinical Consultant / Product Education Specialist

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