The Power of Molecular Hydrogen With Chromax Chromium

The Power of Molecular Hydrogen With Chromax Chromium

Why are SO many people reaching for caffeine and energy drinks?  Stress levels are higher than ever, adrenal burnout is common, and comfort food is within an arm’s reach. This creates a vicious cycle of fatigue, exhaustion, cravings, weight gain, moodiness, and blood sugar dysregulation.  Through the years it becomes harder to maintain the body of our youth.

In 1957 a scientist discovered a substance in the body he named GLUCOSE TOLERANCE FACTOR (GTF), of which the mineral CHROMIUM is the active component. GTF enhances the action of insulin, so that glucose can be transported into the cell and burned for energy.  In order to optimize metabolism, support insulin sensitivity and maintain lean body mass, chromium plays a VITAL role. However, chromium needs can increase in times of stress, extreme exertion, and illness.

By supporting carbohydrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity, chromium also helps us FEEL our best, without those dreaded afternoon dips.  Chromium enhances energy, supports metabolism, balances blood sugar, manages carbohydrate cravings, and positively impacts body composition.  

Molecular hydrogen is an ideal complement to overall metabolic maintenance. Molecular HYDROGEN acts as a regulating antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals like peroxynitrite and hydroxyl radicals, which are toxic compounds damaging our tissues day in and day out.  Boosting intake of molecular hydrogen is all the rage today for everyone from elite performance athletes to the severely compromised individual, as it has tissue diffusion capabilities that go unmatched within the supplement world! 

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