What you NEED to know about Chromium

What you NEED to know about Chromium

Can you name the one mineral, which when deprived of, would lead to a diagnosis of diabetes?  With SO many suffering from neuropathy, loss of eyesight, and kidney damage as a consequence of unregulated blood sugar, everything should be done to try and avoid dialysis, amputation or even Alzheimer's disease as it progresses! 

What mineral is it? 

CHROMIUM! A mineral we only need in mere microgram doses per day can make the difference between health and disease. 30 mcg per day is what we are told is adequate intake, but higher doses around 1000 mcg have been found to be supportive of BRAIN health.*  Did you ever stop to make the connection? 

Many practitioners refer to the diagnosis of a BRAIN ON SUGAR as TYPE III Diabetes.  We know our brain is EXTREMELY sensitive to high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and the inflammation that goes along with it.  And Type III Diabetes is linked to none other than Alzheimer’s disease! 

More and more cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease occur with the rise in diabetes and pre-diabetes. Consider this: 

  • Every 66 seconds, an American develops Alzheimer's disease.  By the year 2050, that number is expected to double to one every 33 seconds.**  
  • DEMENTIA affects 50 million people worldwide and this number will TRIPLE BY 2050. ***
  • This deserves repeating...Dementia will afflict over 150 Million by 2050- that is BIG news we should be spreading!

    So, how can chromium help?

    Chromium is the active component of Glucose Tolerance Factor, a compound in the body which enhances the action of insulin, allowing for proper blood sugar regulation.  As insulin resistance occurs, structural and degenerative changes occur in the brain. 

    Testing fasting glucose, insulin and Hemoglobin A1c are important to gauge where one is on the spectrum between optimal blood sugar and diabetes.  We must reiterate- you don’t WAKE UP one day with the diagnosis of diabetes...it is developing BEFORE the diagnosis, negatively impacting the brain the entire time. 

    In Active H2 + Chromax, the powerful combination of molecular hydrogen and chromium supports the brain, promotes a healthy, lean body composition, fat burning and supports the MILLIONS of people dealing with metabolic dysfunction




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