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The HEALING ELEMENTS of nature are within reach!

Quinton Hypertonic is 100% sea water, bringing 78 ultra-healthy trace elements and minerals to a tonic that RESTORES BALANCE and invigorates the system naturally.

This high concentration of nutrients instantly works like blood plasma to infuse energy and well-being into every organ and path -- An especially welcome jolt on challenging days!

The immune system, muscles, digestive tract, and nervous system all feel its rejuvenating effects. Try Original Quinton, Hypertonic for SUPERIOR health benefits today!

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Want improved physical performance, fast recovery, or simply more energy to get through the day? Try Active H2 today!

As the world’s smallest and most mobile molecule, hydrogen can rapidly diffuse into cells, mitochondria, and fluids throughout the body to deliver its energy-boosting, antioxidant benefits.

Active H2 ULTRA also boasts magnesium as one of its most dominant ingredients, a vital mineral co-factor in more than 300 enzymes used in our bodies -- helping you do MORE with every use!

60 Tablet bottle - use 1-2 tablets per day - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Active H2
Hydrogen Tablets

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Live Your Purest Life with AquaTru Pure Water Filtration

Clean water is the most basic human need. We do right for ourselves and the environment by bringing water purification into our homes and our hands, bypassing waste-creating water bottles or tainted municipal water supplies.

Avoid the toxic tap water and plastic plague by reaching for a glass of quadruple-filtered, purified water. With the AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, anyone can enjoy clean and refreshing purified water.

This is NOT a traditional bulky, hard-to-install system that barely fits under the sink. This is the ultimate home water filtration system that fits directly onto your countertop. Place it in your home, apartment, dorm room, or yurt!

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Water Purification

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Water And Wellness
The origin of life. The foundation of nutrition.

We are living in exciting, turbulent and unfortunately, toxic times.

Technological advancement, led by consumer needs, have created massive steps forward for mankind. These advancements have also come at great cost to the environment and, consequently, human health; both being more intricately connected than we previously realized.

We are all, now, more than ever, beginning to come to terms with the toxic world we have created and must live in.

The question still remains: Are we aware of how these imbalances impact our current day health?

The team at Water and Wellness is acutely aware of this imbalance – that’s why we’re focusing on the most basic need of humanity. We understand how to purify our drinking water of contaminants – pharmaceutical drugs, POPs, plastics – and we understand the nutritional imbalances caused by large-scale agricultural production. We know water in perfect balance is the foundation of wellness.

We understand that depleted mineral levels in the soil means the foods we eat no longer provide maximum nutritional value. Our bodies are depleted of the ancient minerals necessary to perform the processes that power a healthy life. This is why we’re committed to restoring your bio-terrain for optimal performance.  

We know that water is the key and the core of human health. This is why we’re building Water and Wellness and why we’re committed to promoting water as the most important part of a healthy life.