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Hydrogen Starter Pack

This bundle is based on Ben’s daily regimen of molecular hydrogen and includes:

1 box of Active H2 Chromax, 1 box of Active H2 ULTRA(60 ct), and 1 box of Active H2 ULTRA(60 ct) + Raspberry




1 box of Active H2 Chromax, 1 box of Active H2 ULTRA,
and 1 box of Active H2 ULTRA + Raspberry

Support Mitochondrial and Cardiometabolic Health

Helps Athletic Performance & Recovery

Chromax Helps Lose Fat, Not Muscle

Improve Power, Reduce Fatigue

"Hydrogen tablets, in general, are one of the most helpful additions to anyone’s health and water optimization protocol, but when it comes to metabolic maintenance and energy, the experts at Water & Wellness have elevated hydrogen to an entirely new level with their Active H2 + Chromax tabs - if you want to use hydrogen, this is the best way to do it!"

- Ben Greenfield

  • $126



    Master Metabolic Bundle

    Supercharged energy, and metabolic boosting.
This bundle will get you through any season and help manage oxidative stress with….

    • ✔ BETTER Performance
    • ✔ FEWER Cravings
    • ✔ MORE Energy
    • ✔ MORE stable blood sugar

    This bundle includes:

    • 2 boxes of Active H2 Chromax
    • 1 box of Active H2 Ultra (60 ct)
  • $154



    PRIME Hydrogen Bundle

    Elevate your vitality with PRIME, Active H2 Ultra, and Active H2 + Chromax. Unleash energy, muscle support, and metabolic enhancement for this festive season and beyond.

    • ✔ Rapid Energy & Recovery

    • ✔ Muscle, Strength, Hormone Support

    • ✔ Metabolic Enhancement

    • ✔ Optimized Athletic Performance
  • $159.96



    Topical Hydrogen Bundle

    Indulge in the ultimate skin and body care experience with our Topical Hydrogen Bundle. H2 Beauty enriches water with hydrogen for face and skin, priming your skin flora to flourish. RELIEF transforms your bath time into a revitalizing soak for relaxation & recovery by infusing a full tub with hydrogen. Rejuvenate skin & unwind sore muscles with this luxurious well-being bundle.

    This bundle includes:

    • 2 Bottles of Relief 60ct
    • 2 Boxes of H2 Beauty 40ct
  • Daily stressors like over-exercise, our environment, lack of sleep, the food that we consume, and our fast-paced lifestyles can result in harmful changes in how our bodies function. Over an extended time, these stressors and changes can impair our clarity and our body’s ability to achieve optimal performance. Active H2 helps combat the BIG 3 — those nasty three issues that lead to virtually all diseases and are the driving forces in why we get older and die: Imbalances of our oxidative stress, inflammation, and increased insulin resistance.

    Molecular hydrogen helps regulate our systems, correcting harmful changes bringing our bodies back to harmony.

    • Protect your body
    • Recover rapidly
    • Help improve athletic performance
    • Combat oxidative stress


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