Experts Weigh In: Building Habits

Experts Weigh In: Building Habits

The experts weigh in! With New Year Resolution's still top of mind, we asked Dr. Angela Pogioli and Mike Long what habits they've incorporated that have changed their life.

What healthy habits have you incorporated that have changed your life?

Mike Long:

Hmm, making sure I drink a minimum of at least 2-4 liters of pure water each day, even when traveling. In addition to:

  1. Taking Quinton every day and doubling up when taking lengthy flights.

  2. Drinking at least one glass of hydrogen water each day.

  3. Getting a minimum of 2 hours of vigorous exercise at least 3 times each week. In my case it’s tennis or racket ball. 

Dr. Angela Pogioli DC:

 A few things:  

  1. Optimizing my Vitamin D levels.  Once I boosted my levels from below 20 to above 50, my immune system started to function properly.  

  2. Taking progesterone- after suffering for over 15 years with awful cycles, taking bio-identical progesterone made a NIGHT/ DAY difference in my life. 

  3. Testing labwork beyond the traditional allopathic CBC/CMP bloodwork- doing this identified autoimmunity, heavy metals, anemia, hormone imbalances and other systemic issues. This allowed me to identify WHY I was sick and take actionable steps when MDs had no answers.  

  4. Taking systemic enzymes before bed. Doing this has helped me manage inflammation, candida, biofilms, and clear cellular waste over the past 15 years.

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