Experts Weigh In: How To Pick Yourself Up When You're In A Funk

February 09, 2022

Our experts, Dr. Angela and Mike Long, are sharing with you the ways they get themselves out of a funk!

How do you pick yourself up when you’re in a funk?

Mike Long:

  • Fortunately, I cannot remember the last time this happened.  The closest I can relate to this feeling was very recently. I was “locked out” of Malaysia, due to the pandemic, for 9 months while my wife was still in Malaysia.  However, rather than bemoaning the situation, my wife and I were thankful for the fact that we could see and talk to each other everyday via current technologies!  We buoyed each other’s feelings and moods.
  • I made sure that I kept busy each day.  No time to mope and feel sorry for myself!
  • I maintained my exercise routine.  Either tennis or racquetball as often as possible. 

Dr. Angela Pogioli DC:

  • Put on favorite pick-me-up playlists and DANCE. Motion is the fastest way to change E-motion!  
  • Long drives and hikes in nature while listening to music or podcasts. 
  • Go outside and feel the sun on my skin.
  • Also, sam-e, 5-htp, theanine, dark chocolate, or a funny movie with a cozy blanket!