5 “Must-Have Items” You Need To Remain Youthful

5 “Must-Have Items” You Need To Remain Youthful
Everyone loves to feel fresh and beautiful. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our bodies begin to show signs of aging. No one likes to acknowledge sagging skin, sore muscles, and lack of energy. But, if we don’t acknowledge it, how are we supposed to change it?

Thanks to science, and of course a balanced diet and regular exercise, there are supplements that can help you to age more gracefully and continue to feel fresh and youthful.

H2 Beauty
Besides gray hair, one of the biggest concerns of getting older is wrinkles. Wrinkles appear more as we age because our skin naturally becomes more thin and fragile with less elasticity over time. The slower production of our skin’s natural oils also dries out our skin, which can make it appear more wrinkled. On top of that, we also lose fat in the deeper layers of our skin which can cause sagging and deeper lines.

To combat the wrinkles that may be popping up on your body or to prevent wrinkles from appearing, H2 Beauty is a great solution. These easy-to-use tablets can be placed in your bath for a relaxing soak. If you’re more concerned with the lines on your face, H2 Beauty is a perfect match for disposal facial sheet masks, as well.

The hydrogen water created by the H2 Beauty tablet helps to plump up the skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and reinvigorating the complexion.

AGEless Defense
Beauty starts from the inside out and that’s why we recommend adding AGEless Defense into your everyday routine. This is the first product available on the market that can inhibit (or minimize) the formation of advanced glycation end products while providing support where they have already formed.

Advanced glycation end products accumulate in tissues of the body over time, which can wreak major havoc on the body. Too many advanced glycation end products can lead to worsening or the development of diseases such as chronic kidney disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, to name a few.

Along with fighting off the development of disease states, AGEless Defense also keeps you active longer by inhibiting the body’s breakdown of collagen, a protein responsible for skin elasticity and healthy joints. So not only will this product make you feel young, but it will also help you look young.

Relief Rx Aloe Vera Relief Lotion
As we get older, our bodies don’t quite have the strength and endurance that they used to. That’s why it’s important to have something on hand if you happen to overexert yourself. Relief Rx Aloe Vera Relief Lotion is perfect for rubbing on sore muscles or joints to help you get back on your feet quicker and pain-free.

The trick to this fast-working relief lotion is the handful of natural herbal ingredients. It contains aloe, otherwise known as the plant of immortality, hemp oil that’s rich in bioactive molecules, white willow bark which is one of the oldest beauty remedies dating back to 500 B.C., and an ionic trace minerals blend that keeps the body working optimally.

NAD+ Gold
If you want to age gracefully and beautifully while remaining healthy, NAD+ Gold should definitely have a place in your bathroom cabinet. The levels of NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, in your body determine at what speed you age. When our bodies are young, the levels of NAD in our cells and tissues are higher, which helps with cell repair and regeneration, as well as physical activity and cognitive function. But, when our bodies grow older our NAD supply lessens and we start to feel our age. That’s where NAD+ Gold comes into play.

Ingesting two pumps a day of NAD+ Gold will help rejuvenate cells and enhance both metabolic and methylation processes. The result of this is more energy and greater endurance, as well as superb immune function and the protection of tissues throughout the body.

NAD+ Gold also aids in cell detoxification and communication, allowing your body to feel renewed and refreshed, even on a cellular level. This product is the best choice for enhancing your longevity and increasing your healthspan.

Last, but certainly not least is SpinErgy, a device made to improve the quality of water in your cup. According to science, about 60% of the adult human body is water. And if that’s true, then getting the best quality water to keep our bodies going strong is vital to overall health.

SpinErgy is a table-top device that’s not only great for your health but appealing to the eye. It works by vortexing the water which upgrades our water, restoring the natural movement of water found in nature.

This helps you to reach maximum levels of hydration and it grants you a literal mouth-watering taste. Pair it with either Quinton Hypertonic or Quintessential 3.3 to remineralize your water and get the most benefits.

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