Healthy Hormones Mean HAPPY Aging

Healthy Hormones Mean HAPPY Aging
We can’t escape it!

What coincides with aging? HORMONE DECLINE. And what goes along with hormonal decline? Increased rates of:
  • Heart Disease
  • Dementia
  • Cancer
  • Bone loss, Osteoporosis
  • Weight gain, muscle loss
  • Sleep apnea
  • Elevated LDL and triglycerides
  • Incontinence
And for women, perimenopause and the entire DECADE leading up to it bring some unwanted changes we could do without! Poor mood, changes in the skin, weight gain, bloating, low libido… and they can be linked to imbalances in our hormones!

So what if you could easily support your hormones so that this shift isn’t quite SO dramatic. Wouldn’t it be nice to EASE your way into these changes, so as to minimize your risk of the above complications?

Yes, we think so too! That’s why we are SO excited that our favorite liposomal company Quicksilver has launched some FEMALE-specific hormone support formulas.

Dhea and pregnenolone are hormones at the top of the hormone food chain, so to speak - steroid hormone precursors. Pregnenolone is a neurohormone and excels at supporting brain health and mood.

Dhea is the most abundant circulating steroid in humans. It is produced in the adrenal glands, the gonads, and the brain, and has numerous benefits. But it is one of the hormones that tend to decline with age, stress, and adrenal exhaustion.

One variable we have to contend with is the imbalance many women face between estrogen and progesterone… we tend to live in a world of xenoestrogenic chemicals that stimulate our estrogen receptors. So we may be dealing with estrogen dominant states, IN ADDITION to all hormones declining.

So it becomes even more important for aging women to look at their hormone levels and consider topical progesterone as needed. If still menstruating, this would only be during the 2nd half of the cycle, or as suggested by your practitioner.

Now, let’s talk about estrogen. Estradiol is the most abundant form of estrogen in women. Until menopause, the majority is produced in the ovaries.

Aging greatly impacts this hormone, which affects bone health, heart health, nerves, and metabolism… also if you are around THAT age, you’ll notice skin dryness along with dryness in other areas (not fun for you and your partner!).

Your adrenal glands are able to produce sex hormones when levels decline during perimenopause. However, stress and adrenal exhaustion will limit their ability to do so! Now you can see the link between adrenal health and hormones!

Quicksilver hormonal support formulas are expertly formulated. Dhea, pregnenolone, and the adaptogens that support adrenal and endocrine health are to be taken in the morning when you start your day.

Progesterone, on the other hand, taken before bed, can be calming and supportive of healthy sleep cycles.

Women’s lives are changed dramatically when they correct hormone imbalance. Unfortunately, many practitioners are not well versed in this area, especially if they suggest synthetic hormones!!!

Keep in mind, that testing hormones is ALWAYS a good thing to do if you embark upon hormone support. If you need a source to do so cheaply, just ask!

DHEA + Adaptogens (oral)

  • Micronized DHEA, pregnenolone, diindolylmethane, chrysin, and herbal extracts.
  • Balanced hormones, vitality and better stress handling.
  • Enhanced energy, libido, mood, muscle mass, cognition, bone density.
  • Supports adrenal health & metabolism

Progesterone+ (topical)

  • Micronized patent-pending progesterone, in a nanoparticle phospholipid-base for enhanced absorption compared to creams
  • 8 mg of bioidentical progesterone per 1mL serving.
  • Supports mood, hormone balance
  • Calming- applied BEFORE BED can enhance the quality of sleep, promoting GABA function


    -Dr. Angela Pogioli
    Clinical Consultant / Product Education Specialist

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