4 Products To Keep You Healthy This Summer

4 Products To Keep You Healthy This Summer

Bright sun in the early morning, birds chirping outside your window, lazy days laying by the pool, new sunglasses, and bikinis are all signs of summer.

It’s clear that the summer weather is finally here, but are you prepared for what comes along with it?

Allergies, sun damage, and of course, the heat.

These factors can definitely put a damper on beach days, BBQs, and family trips. But, there are ways to combat the negative and enjoy every minute of your summer. Because we all know summer is way too short!

All it takes is being prepared. That’s why we put together this short list of products that will make your summer beautiful and healthy:

1. Air Doctor: Allergies getting you down? It’s no secret tree pollen can be a killer for allergy sufferers during this time of year. Luckily, Air Doctor is here to help. This professional-grade unit runs quietly to filter the air while assessing your room’s air quality.

2. SpinErgy: To beat dehydration which oftentimes comes hand in hand with activities in the hot summer sun, SpinErgy is our number one choice. With its vortex design, SpinErgy infuses your water with oxygen, boosting the taste, while enhancing hydration.

3. AGEless Defense: Being active in the summer is a must, but as we age those long days are harder to keep up with. AGEless Defense reduces the breakdown of collagen in your body, helping you stay active for longer and preventing wrinkles. On top of that, it is the only product on the market that prevents advanced glycation end products from forming in cells, which helps you to feel younger.

4. NAD+ Gold: If you’re still concerned about summer aging, NAD+ Gold is a great product to add into your routine. NAD+ is a vital cellular nutrient for all things anti-aging. It promotes a healthy metabolism, smooth energy production, and helps to create an increase in resilience to normal decline in function associated with aging.

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