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Hydrogen, the lightest element, is estimated to account for 74% of the mass of the known Universe - and 10% of the mass of our own human body!

Our own microbiome contains bacteria that produce HYDROGEN GAS (H2). Hydrogen gas, molecular hydrogen, was first produced in the 1600s but has been studied for its extraordinary health properties since 1975.


In 2007, groundbreaking research brought hydrogen to the awareness of scientists worldwide - Nature Medicine reported that the inhalation of H2 gas had positive effects in cases of brain injury, with no toxic side-effects. [1]

The research found that H2 rapidly diffuses across membranes, acting as a selective antioxidant, neutralizing cytotoxic reactive oxygen species (ROS), while it does not react with other physiologically important free radicals acting as signaling molecules (superoxide, nitric oxide, hydrogen peroxide).


Molecular Hydrogen (H2) activates the Nrf2 pathway supporting the production of important endogenous antioxidants like glutathione, catalase, and superoxide dismutase, without disturbing metabolic oxidation-reduction reactions.

With unrivaled tissue diffusion properties, H2 can reach into subcellular spaces like the nucleus and mitochondria, and pass THROUGH the blood-brain barrier. Since delicate brain tissue is susceptible to inflammation and oxidative damage, H2 diffusion into the brain tissue holds great promise with the rise of neurodegenerative conditions.

In the mitochondria, not only does H2 neutralize the most harmful free radicals, but we also find up-regulation of ATP production. This is why hydrogen-producing tablets are becoming so popular among biohackers, high-performance athletes, and busy professionals looking for peak performance.


● Support a healthy inflammatory response*
● Support nitric oxide and circulation *
● Supports cardiovascular health*
● Modulate the immune response*
● Enhance cognitive function*
● Preserve mitochondrial function*
● Delay the aging process*
● Inhibit DNA/RNA damage*
● Optimize oxygen utilization*
● Modulate gene expression*


By simply dropping one tablet into liquid, the tablet undergoes a reaction and immediately infuses the liquid with hydrogen gas. Plasma levels peak within 5-15 minutes after drinking. The Active H2 ULTRA tablet also releases 80mg of magnesium in an ionic, highly absorbable form.

Upgrade your purified water with an Active H2 Raspberry tablet - with a mild raspberry taste, making H2 ingestion enjoyable for the entire family!

Great paired with RELIEF H2 soaking tablets:

We have found that hydrogen tablets, dropped into a foot bath/bathtub are a wonderful adjunct to oral applications for those suffering from acute injury, chronic ailments, or for those wanting a relaxing transdermal healthy spa experience - shop RELIEF!

Reference [1]: Reference [1]: Ohsawa, I., et al., Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen
radicals. Nat Med, 2007. 13(6): p. 688-694.

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