Raspberry VS Unflavored Hydrogen-Rich Water?

Raspberry VS Unflavored Hydrogen-Rich Holiday Water
The Holiday Fizz Showdown Is Here...

Tis the season to sparkle, and we've got just the fizz to make it happen! This holiday, our Active H2 Tablets are bringing a dose of extra fun, and we can't decide which flavor is the ultimate party guest: Raspberry or Unflavored.

Raspberry H2 Boost
- Bursting with the sweetness of raspberries, this version will add a festive twist to your drink. It's like a party in your mouth!

A popular concoction is Raspberry-Infused Mojito Mocktails! This easy recipe uses simple ingredients:
-Raspberry Active H2 Tablets
-Fresh Raspberries
-Fresh Mint
-Purified Water

..The perfect balance of flavors! *Drop 1 tablet per 10oz glass.

Unflavored Understated Elegance - For those who like to keep things classy, our unflavored tablets offer pure, bubbly sophistication that pairs perfectly with cold beverages. Whether you're sipping something spirited or enjoying a mocktail... our unflavored Active H2 Tablets will bring bubbly cheer to your holiday gatherings!

Choose your favorite or mix and match, it's a flavor face-off worth celebrating!

Molecular Hydrogen-Rich Water Benefits:
Helps beat the holiday aftereffects*
Aids in fast muscle recovery*
Supports physical performance*
Helps enhance energy levels*
Facilitates oxygen utilization*
Helps enhance memory & cognition*

*1 tablet provides 8-10ppm H2 in around 10oz of water. Drop the tablet in your drink, watch it fizz, and consume it within 15 minutes for optimal effects.

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