Top 3 Ways To Keep Allergies At Bay

Top 3 Ways To Keep Allergies At Bay

As summer approaches, we begin to go outside more to enjoy the sun and warm weather. There is something about the fresh summer air that makes us feel alive. And nature feels the same way too!

In the late spring and early summer, tree pollen is one of the most significant allergens. Tree pollen is a great sign because it means everything is blooming again. However, it can also cause various symptoms, including itchy eyes and throat, sneezing, runny nose, drowsiness, and a handful of others. Oftentimes it’s hard to differentiate between allergies or the common cold. Chances are if it’s mild and persistent, it’s allergies! Here are some ways to keep those pesky symptoms at bay!

Close Those Windows
It may be hard not to be tempted to let in the fresh air, but during pollen season which runs from the spring to the fall rotating between tree, weed, and grass pollens it might be best to keep your windows shut and rely on AC to keep your house cool.

Closing your windows will help to reduce the amount of pollen that enters your house and settles onto surfaces in your home. You don’t want to spend all day clearing pollen out of your house when you could’ve prevented it from entering in the first place.

Another trick to stop pollen from entering your house is to take off your shoes before you set foot inside or have a designated spot near the door for shoes. Pollen can easily attach itself to the bottom of shoes, so by taking off your shoes you will be less likely to track it into the house. The same goes for layers of clothing, if you have a jacket on taking it off when you enter your house or throw it right in the laundry, especially if you spent the day outside!

Purify Your Home
Allergens are sneaky and even if you do close up your home and strip down when you step inside, chances are pollen may still find its way in. That’s where having an air purifier really counts. An air purifier can filter allergens out of the air in your home to create a safe and comfortable breathing environment. However, not all air purifiers are created equal.

Air Doctor is a professional-grade unit that runs quietly to efficiently filter the air and eliminate allergens in your home. Unlike other air purifying systems, it even automatically adjusts to the correct amount of filtration your home needs by using its sensor to efficiently assess the air quality in the room.

Up Your Vitamin C Intake
Upping your daily dose of vitamin C won’t just help with sickness, but it will also help your immune system to fight symptoms of allergies. Relaying on adding a high dose of vitamin C to your diet is not realistic. That’s why Active Ribose C is ideal for strengthening the immune system and improving the way the body reacts to allergens.

Active Ribose C is a high-dose, neutral pH, vitamin C that can be easily mixed with water or juice. The supplement has a GMS-Ribose formulation that enhances the absorption of vitamin C, using four separate pathways, which in turn increases bioavailability.

With Active Ribose C, not only will you get a proper dose of vitamin C to help improve your body’s ability to handle the symptoms of allergens, but you’ll also get all-around immune system strengthening with a powder that tastes great!

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