7 FAQ's For Hydrogen Tablets

7 FAQ's For Hydrogen Tablets

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What time of day should I take molecular hydrogen tablets?

Hydrogen can be energizing. For that reason, consider taking 1 in the morning or 1 during your mid-afternoon slump. Now, the magnesium can be relaxing... so if you take multiple tablets at once, you may experience an increased state of relaxation.  

How many can I take? 

Most of our customers take 2 tablets daily in divided doses. Some, 3-4. Keep in mind, that hydrogen contains 80mg of highly absorbable magnesium, so if you're taking 4 daily, you're getting 320mg of Magnesium.  

Can I add hydrogen to other beverages or juices? Carbonated water?

It's not suggested, as it can alter the delicate reaction that takes place. Use room temperature water (distilled, reverse osmosis). No, do not use carbonated water, as it is slightly acidic.

How many tablets do we need to take to replicate what was used in studies?

Technically, only one tablet provides enough H2 as used in many clinical studies. Some studies use more.

Does it matter what type of container I dissolve the tablet in?

It is best to use an open cup and not a bottle. 

Does water temperature matter?

Yes, it can affect the rate of the reaction. Best to use room temperature water.

What is hydrogen good for?

H2 supports cardiovascular health, brain health, energy, and stress management. It helps inhibit inflammation and supports healthy aging.



-Dr. Angela Pogioli

Clinical Consultant / Product Education Specialist

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  • Can I use room temperature tap water or filtered water?

    Stephanie on
  • Why can the tablet not be desolved in a 16oz pressurized SNAPPLE jar, using none chlorinated Polish Spring water ?

    Manfred G Janowski on

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