Harmony and Homeostasis

Harmony and Homeostasis

Have you ever wanted more HARMONY in your life?

Life is all about BALANCE and taking adaptogens can help us better respond to external stressors, so that our INTERNAL environment remains in a state of homeostasis.

When in a state of homeostasis, we can remain calm when life throws us punches!

Our team came upon a SPECIAL product recently…


Harmony is a specialized organic blend of HIGHLY potent wild raw honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis, blended with the most powerful substances available today!

Just ONE teaspoon of this elixir encompasses so many superfoods, that you’d be spending hundreds to get them separately.

These 3 formulas are scientifically and masterfully crafted for:

Clarity - optimal BRAIN function, super conduction, supports healthy neurotransmitter levels, and mood.

Energy - vitality, stamina, endurance, and physical adaptability.

Glo - nourishes skin, supports collagen regeneration, and youthful appearance.

The BASE of HARMONY products is raw and certified-organic honey.

Each of the bee products are derived from small family-owned bee farms with rich soil resulting in biodynamic, unadulterated, unprocessed honey which can be classified as medicinal-grade.

In this base you will find a blend of these and so much more:

Medicinal mushrooms - chaga, cordyceps, reishi...
Phytoplankton - blue-green algae
Ayurvedic/Chinese powerhouses - ginger, turmeric, green tea...
Superfoods - moringa, goji, maca...
Adaptogens - rhodiola, eleuthro, astragalus...
Shilajit & Ormus

Check out the nutrient-dense ingredients in each jar here, and try 1 or all 3 today!
Made in limited supply.

*All ingredients used are non-GMO, certified organic or wild crafted, as well as free of added sugar, gluten, soy, nuts, wheat, herbicides and pesticides. Every ingredient is reviewed for possible contaminations, toxins, bacteria, viruses, and harmful microbes. MIRON Biophotonic Violet Glass jars protect the ingredients.



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