A Discussion About All Things Hydrogen With Alex Tarnava

Alex Tarnava Molecular Hydrogen Inventor
Meet Alex Tarnava, the inventor of the patented and clinically validated open-cup hydrogen tablets, which have made a significant impact in the health and wellness industry. Beyond advancing the commercial adoption of hydrogen therapy, Alex actively contributes to the ever-expanding landscape of molecular hydrogen research.

After a lifetime of sports activity, he was shocked to find that he had developed osteoarthritis while still in his physical prime. After a long journey with prescribed painkillers, he finally set off on his own to formulate his Hydrogen tablet and immediately began to see the positive effects that hydrogen has on healing and health.

"I was scouring for anything that could regulate the inflammatory response... I discovered all the research on molecular hydrogen which was unheard of at that time... so I started to do a deeper dive on how to make hydrogen water and I just got really obsessed and started making it in my kitchen..." - Alex

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