A Step Beyond Vitamin C

A Step Beyond Vitamin C

It’s hard to ignore the current research about intravenous high dose vitamin C.  When individuals fall ill, there can be a secretion of proinflammatory cytokines, which just means that your immune system OVERREACTS and sets you down a scary spiral, from which some may not recover.  Vitamin C has been shown to manage the secretion of cytokines

It is wonderful if you are a lucky individual who has the money and access to a wellness clinic offering high dose iv vitamin C, however that can run hundreds of dollars for just one session.  That comes out of your own pocket, and an individual must go frequently to continue obtaining the benefits. 

We’ve all been told to increase our vitamin C intake when we feel under the weather.  If one was to take a tablet of vitamin C that you’d commonly find on the market, you would need to take 2 tablets 4 times a day to get an appreciable dose for our current times. That is a LOT of tablets!

We then have to make sure we space those vitamin c tablets out throughout the day so that we aren’t left running to the restroom or dealing with stomach upset!  And let’s be honest...who has the time for that? 

Active Ribose C is a step BEYOND Vitamin C

Water and Wellness offers a Vitamin C beyond anything you’ve tried before… Our formula is a UNIQUE vitamin c containing a proprietary blend of ingredients that ACTIVATE THE UPTAKE into our cells.  This difference is palpable!  This means:

  1. Obtaining 4 GRAMS at one time is easy.  

  2. There is no stomach upset.

  3. 4 pathways, not just one, for vitamin C entry into the cells, ensuring SUPERIOR bioavailability.

  4. This specific formula is suggested for those with severe immune compromise who oftentimes require higher doses of vitamin C. 

In this formula, a sodium molecule enhances entry of vitamin c into cells, in addition to the most common glucose pathway.  The addition of a special patented Glycine Methyl Sulfone Ribose (GMS-Ribose) utilizes the pentose phosphate pathway as an additional gateway for further absorption into the cells. Lastly, the organic Sulfur pathway ensures uptake and fast absorption. This specialized formula is fully reacted, non acidic, water soluble, and gentle on the stomach.

Simply take a scoop of Active Ribose C and add it to water or any beverage of your choice.  Pay close attention to the changes in your skin, as vitamin c is a necessary cofactor in collagen synthesis.  The difference between Active Ribose C and other vitamin c is like night and day.  

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