The BEST way to dose Vitamin C

The BEST way to dose Vitamin C

Doctors everywhere agree…”YES, vitamin C is THAT important!”  Neither animals or plants can live without vitamin C!   MOST ANIMALS make their own vitamin C, but humans DO NOT!  Yes that’s right, your precious little furball can synthesize their own vitamin C!  

Vitamin C was the first vitamin to be synthesized in the 1930’s.  Its function goes FAR BEYOND supporting the immune system.  It boosts intracellular glutathione, supports iron absorption, plays a mandatory role in collagen synthesis, and neutralizes free radicals that contribute to AGING. It’s role in collagen synthesis ensures proper structural integrity of skin, bone, cartilage, ligaments, blood vessels, and even wound healing.

Dosing vitamin C can be a challenge, as larger doses can contribute to loose stool or stomach upset.  Active Ribose C helps to overcome those obstacles.  

Active Ribose C is a powdered vitamin C suitable for those with sensitive stomachs, those who want to obtain higher doses, and those who want superior bioavailability!  It contains a patented, proprietary blend of methylated glycine, and boasts 4 DIFFERENT pathways for absorption:

  • Glucose pathway
  • Sodium pathway 
  • Pentose Phosphate pathway
  • Bioavailable organic sulfur pathway

Active Ribose C powder is easy to use, has a pleasant taste, and mixes with any beverage.  Just ONE scoop provides 4,000 mg of Vitamin C using 4 different uptake pathways, making it among the best ways to achieve higher doses of vitamin C on a consistent basis! 

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