Does your Vitamin C do all this?

Does your Vitamin C do all this?

MOST ANIMALS make their own vitamin C, but humans are one of the few mammals that DO NOT!  We lost that ability during evolution, thanks to multiple genetic mutations. 

Yes that’s right, your precious little furball can synthesize their own vitamin C!  Unfortunately human cells cannot perform the crucial last step of vitamin C biosynthesis, the conversion of l-gulono-g-lactone into ascorbic acid.

As we ALL know, Vitamin C is necessary for proper immune function, supporting macrophage activity.  When dosing Vitamin C, sometimes it is a challenge, as larger doses can contribute to loose stool or a “sour stomach” from the acidic nature.  At water and wellness, we pride ourselves on finding ways to overcome these obstacles. 

Active Ribose C is a powdered vitamin C suitable for those with sensitive stomachs, those who want to obtain higher doses, and those who want superior bioavailability. 

Not only is Active Ribose C buffered, it contains a patented, proprietary blend of methylated glycine, and boasts 4 DIFFERENT pathways for absorption:

  • Glucose pathway
  • Sodium pathway 
  • Pentose Phosphate pathway
  • Bioavailable organic sulfur pathway

The Active Ribose C powder is easy to use, mix with any beverage or even pure water.

Vitamin C was the first vitamin to be synthesized in the 1930’s.  It was recognized that vitamin C’s function goes FAR BEYOND supporting the immune system.  It boosts intracellular glutathione, neutralizes free radicals, supports iron absorption, and plays a mandatory role in collagen synthesis. 

With so much emphasis on collagen products today, it is IMPERATIVE to understand that getting enough vitamin C is required for proper utilization of the amino acids in collagen.  

Vitamin C will go in, work it’s magic, and ensure collagen maintains its triple helix shape.  That 3 dimensional shape provides multiple tissues with structural integrity: skin, blood vessels, cartilage, bone, even wound healing and scar tissue formation.  

Whether you are more interested in staying healthy or LOOKING healthy, Active Ribose C is the product to keep on your shelf.

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