Aquatru Review - Best Countertop Reverse Osmosis Machine?

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From @KyleGotCamera:

"Most people have no idea that their drinking water could be filled with tons of chemicals, pesticides, and even prescription drug residue. It’s really quite scary.

When looking at optimizing my health, one thing that I learned early on is to FOCUS ON THE FUNDAMENTALS. It’s so easy to get caught up with a new sexy thing or piece of technology that everyone shares on social media.

But what about the things that you do every day that literally keep you alive… Like drinking water? So that’s why in this week's video I’m reviewing the Aquatru - Which is a countertop water filtration machine.

Last year I made a video with Tracy Duhs about understanding hydration and the truth about our drinking water.

In that video she mentioned the Aquatru so I figured I’d get one and try it out and share my thoughts with you."

There are lots of reverse osmosis water machines out there… Regardless of what filtering method, or type of water you buy… Make sure it's clean and sourced from a place you can trust, or at least treated and filtered properly. Check out the Aquatru & Quinton minerals here 👇

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